Accutek Testing Laboratory Announces New Capability

In-House Contact Pressure Testing

Accutek Testing Laboratory has enhanced its testing capabilities to include a new Contact Pressure Testing system, a universal tool for pressure measurements, most commonly used in medical implant testing to determine pressure points and areas of high wear. This tool will allow Accutek to better serve clients by offering more comprehensive in-house testing services, including medical device testing for knee joint prostheses.

According to Accutek's President John McCloy, "Accutek is always seeking new ways to better support our customers in their design and development projects. Increasing our in-house testing capabilities is just one of many ways Accutek continues to improve service for our clients."

The system provides critical data for device developers' regulatory submissions and is key in verifying FEA Analysis, as requested per FDA guidance. The tool, which reveals stress distribution between two contacting, mating or impacting surfaces, can demonstrate which part of a knee replacement implant is seeing the highest loads. Pressure sensitive film produces an instant "topographical" image of pressure variation across the contact surface, creating data that can be processed and analyzed.

Accutek Testing Laboratory is a diverse and innovative mechanical testing facility serving the medical device, aerospace, manufacturing, and power generation industries for product performance and failure analysis needs. Accutek's experienced engineering professionals and full-service testing facility provide critical knowledge and exceptional customer service for our clients' testing requirements.

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