AAMA Official discusses energy efficiency with Maine Senator.

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Rich Walker, AAMA President and CEO, spoke with Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) during their visit to Mathews Brothers Company in Belfast, Maine, on March 22. Senator Snowe discussed importance of small businesses and expressed interest in returning 25C tax credit for energy-efficient windows that expired back to the $1,500 amount. Oldest window company in U.S., Mathews Brothers produces window systems with triple-pane insulated glazing, which contributes to energy-efficient home environment.

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Mathews Brothers Hosts Senator Olympia Snowe, AAMA Discusses Energy-Efficient Windows

Schaumburg, Ill. - On Tuesday, March 22, Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO, was invited to Mathews Brothers Company in Belfast, Maine, and had the opportunity to speak with Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and learn about some of the energy-efficient products that Mathews Brothers is currently producing. Mathews Brothers is the oldest window company in the U.S. and is currently producing window systems with triple-pane insulated glazing which contributes to an energy-efficient home environment.

Senator Snowe serves as the ranking member of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, which considers proposed legislation, messages, petitions and other matters related to the Small Business Administration.

Bob Maynes, director of marketing and international sales at Mathews Brothers, reported that Senator Snowe got the opportunity during her visit to view the latest in fenestration technology. "Senator Snowe also discussed the importance of small businesses and how incentives like tax credits for energy-efficient residential upgrades benefit both small businesses as well as the national initiative of more efficient structures," Maynes says.

"As the federal government plays an increasingly large role in encouraging new technology and subsidizing efficient building products, this interaction with Senator Snowe was a valuable time to express the need for continued growth in energy-efficient fenestration products," says Walker. He reports that Senator Snowe expressed interest in returning the 25C tax credit for energy-efficient windows to the $1500 amount which expired last year, and that in the budgeting for various tax credits, the window tax credits lost out to ethanol and wind turbines in the tax extender bill that was passed in December 2010.

Walker continues, "While there is a need for across-the-board energy innovation in the U.S., window replacement is unique in that it provides immediate energy savings to homeowners and jobs and increased revenue for window manufacturers."

Maynes adds that New England has the oldest housing stock in the U.S. and, therefore, has much to gain from the tax credits which would help to fund the renovation and retrofitting of older homes.

Further meetings with the Senator's staff are planned to revisit the 25C tax credits.

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