A Strong Building Solution for a Secure Military Base

Midland, VA, January 25, 2018 - Easi-Set Worldwide, a subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation (SMID) project update. The open airfield at Grissom Air Reserve Base in Kokomo, Ind., leaves vital Air Force equipment vulnerable to potentially damaging winds. The area has historically been subjected to straight line winds over 100 mph and strong Midwest tornados reaching 150 mph.

When the base recently needed a Ground-Air Transmit-Receive (GATR) building to house new communication equipment, a rugged solution was the only option to withstand such weather conditions. The remedy was found with an all precast concrete building from Easi-Set Buildings.

“The flight line in which the building is placed is wide open, allowing for exceptionally strong winds,” says Richard Sparks, a project manager with Federal Construction Group. “Since the structure houses sensitive communications equipment, something extremely solid was needed to fit the bill, and precast concrete was the perfect answer.”

McCann Concrete Products Inc., Dorsey, Ill., is the Easi-Set Buildings licensed producer that worked directly with the Federal Construction Group to manufacture an Easi-Span Building. Easi-Span Buildings are the largest clear span all-concrete building system on the market, in addition to being the only expandable concrete building system. The buildings can be installed in hours, depending on the size and complexity of the structure, and also feature Easi-Set’s patented post-tensioned and pre-stressed roof and floor system.

The 24’ x 40’ x 12’ Easi-Span Building installed at the base has insulated wall panels in Shoji White with the doors and roof in Tricorn Black. Insulated walls were necessary to help control the temperature in the building, but they also reduced jobsite working hours.

“Placing the insulation inside the concrete allowed more work to be done away from the site in a controlled environment and eliminated many man hours had the work been done onsite,” notes Matt McCann, project manager for McCann Concrete.

The building was customized with doors, openings for electrical and mechanical penetrations, and integral insulation. Every building offered by Easi-Set Buildings is customizable, and the network of licensed producers located throughout North America work directly with customers to create endless customized solutions.

“Each client has specific needs, and the military in particular works with very detailed plans, often in highly restricted areas,” says Moffette Tharpe, managing director of Easi-Set Worldwide. “The licensed producers focus on supplying precast concrete products to various markets no matter the limitations.”

The GATR building was delivered to the base and erected in two days by Ben Hur Construction on a cast-in-place slab. The McCann Concrete trucks were escorted onto the airfield in groups of two and staged until Ben Hur Construction was ready to erect the structure. Once the load truck was in place, it was just like any other Easi-Span project with a fast and smooth execution. The wall panels were set and braced, followed by the roof sections. The connections were made, and the joints were sealed.

Security and costs were also top priorities. A quick turnaround with minimal disruption to the secure site led military personnel to the choice of a precast concrete building.

“This building is placed right out on the airfield tarmac, just a few hundred yards away from an operating runway. Security was tight, and getting construction crews cleared to enter the base - and even the daily in-and-out through security - adds costs for everyone and complexity for the construction manager. Our precast building minimized the amount of work done onsite and created less congestion for the air base,” McCann says.

Discover more about Easi-Set Buildings and its network of licensed producers at www.easisetbuildings.com or by calling 800-547-4045.

McCann Concrete Products has more than 40 years of experience in the residential, commercial, and transportation markets. McCann Concrete Products is a family-owned business that can supply standard products for much construction needs, as well as one-of-a-kind structures. Visit mccannconcreteproducts.com or call 618-377-3888 for more information.

Grissom Air Reserve Base was established as Naval Air Station Bunker Hill in 1942 and an active Air Force installation from 1954 to 1994. It now is a joint-use civil airport and military base with Grissom Aeroplex. The 434th ARW is the largest KC-135R Stratotanker unit in the Air Force Reserve Command. Men and women from the Hoosier Wing routinely deploy around the world in support of the Air Force mission. Visit www.grissom.afrc.af.mil.

Easi-Set Worldwide, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smith Midland Corporation, a public company, licenses the production and sale of Easi-Set products and provides diversification opportunities to the precast industry worldwide. Easi-Set’s pre-engineered buildings are designed to provide durability, convenience and long-lasting security under a variety of applications. These maintenance-free structures are available through licensed precast concrete manufacturers across North America. Each producer manufactures Easi-Set’s Buildings with the patented post-tensioned roof and floor system to guarantee a weatherproof structure. For more information about Easi-Set Worldwide or licensing opportunities, contact Easi-Set by calling 800-547-4045, visiting www.easiset.com or emailing info@easiset.com.

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