A Chinese Wonder of the Pulp and Paper World

Zurich, Switzerland, Feb. 9, 2009 -- ABB's award-winning System 800xA process automation solution for the Hunan Juntai pulp mill in China - "the most advanced, most automated and biggest single pulp investment in the country" - has taken pulp mill automation and process efficiency to a new level.

Dubbed China's most advanced and automated paper mill and the biggest single investment in the pulp and paper industry, the Hunan Juntai long-fiber pulp mill in Hunan province has become a showcase project for both China and the global pulp industry as a whole.

Named one of China's ten landmark industrial development projects in the current five-year plan (2006-2010), Hunan Juntai is the largest integrated forest and paper project in the country and the largest bleached softwood kraft (BSK) pulp line in Asia.
Costing some $640 million, the mill went into production in September 2008 and is producing up to 400,000 tons of high-quality pulp a year.

The mill is equipped with a comprehensive mill-wide ABB System 800xA process automation solution that recently won - along with another ABB solution for a calcined soda plant - the 2008 Science and Technology Achievement Award of the China Instrumentation and Control Society. Advanced process optimization, energy efficiency and environmental protection have placed Hunan Juntai pulp mill in the vanguard of modern Chinese enterprises.

Based on ABB's award-winning and industry-leading automation platform, System 800xA, the solution controls the manufacturing process of the entire mill and includes quality control systems, advanced optimized control, instrumentation and intelligent motor control centers.

With more than 20,000 I/Os (input/outputs) and 46 operator stations, the solution is one of the largest process automation systems ever delivered by ABB in China.
The solution also features ABB's patented mill-wide pulp process optimization system, OPT800, which has significantly reduced energy and chemical consumption and improved productivity by several percentage points in other pulp mills.

Hunan Juntai was completed by ABB and other suppliers in the remarkably short time of just 17 months, compared to the established industry standard of 27 months for a greenfield site of comparable size.

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