MSI Keeps Customers at the Cutting Edge of Machine Tool Technology

Schaumburg, Illinois, January 24, 2011 - The latest in advanced machine tool technology has arrived at Machinery Systems Inc. (MSI). With increasing its customers' productivity in mind, MSI has acquired two exciting new Mazak model machine tools that are ready for customer demonstrations at the Schaumburg, Illinois location.

The machines are a QUICK TURN NEXUS 250-II MY and an INTEGREX j-200. Both offer MSI customers the Done-In-One capability of Mazak's Multi-Tasking equipment.

"Our customers, no matter what size manufacturer they are, will gain uncompromised performance, advanced machining capabilities, and increased part production with the QTN 250-II MY and the INTEGREX j-200," said Eric Hilliard, Sales Manager of MSI. "These particular models, which represent two distinct levels within Mazak's Five Levels of Multi-Tasking technology, will allow our customers to better match machine tool capabilities to their specific part manufacturing requirements."

For enhanced performance, the machines incorporate Mazak's new MX Hybrid Roller Guide System that delivers extreme levels of durability and reliability, resulting in long-term accuracy. With this system, MSI customers will gain increased machine vibration dampening to extend tool life and be able to run at higher load capacities, accelerate and decelerate quicker to shorten cycle times, consume less oil for "Greener" operations, and operate the machines longer between required maintenance intervals.

The QTN 250-II MY's headstock features a 10" chuck, mounted on a 35 hp, 4,000 rpm integrated motor main turning spindle for heavy-duty metal removal. The spindle is also used as a C-axis, capable of being indexed at 0.0001░ increments to accurately position the part for square facing and slotting cuts and precisely drilled holes. The C-axis spindle is a full-function CNC controlled axis for milling.

The machine also features an NC servo-driven tailstock to enable automated processes. The tailstock is fully programmable, driving the W-axis on its own AC servomotor and ball screw. Through the part program, the tailstock will retract to a known position and its center makes contact with the part with consistent holding pressure. Further, because of its positive independent drive system, the tailstock can be used to drill holes on a shaft centerline adding versatility to the jobs it can process.

Unlike Multi-Tasking machines with a drum turret type, Mazak's INTEGREX j-200 accommodates 20 tools in a tool magazine (36 and 72-tool optional) and increases versatility in part production. The machine's main turning spindle with C-axis control features an 8" chuck mounted on a 15 hp, 5,000 rpm integral spindle motor that generates 119 ft. lbs. of torque.

The INTEGREX j-200 also includes a powerful 7.5 hp, 12,000-rpm milling spindle that can be indexed in 5║ (or optional 1║) increments from -30║ to 190║ (B-axis control), making it possible to perform outer diameter machining, as well as turning, facing, grooving and threading with the same flash tool. It also makes it easily possible to perform incline machining and all other conventional machining processes. Additionally, the milling spindle can be radially indexed and clamped, enabling the same tool to be used for turning in both forward and reverse directions.

About Machinery Systems Inc.

As the largest US distributor of Mazak machine tools, Machinery Systems Inc. (MSI) is focused on helping customers improve manufacturing efficiency. With more than 30 years of machine tool experience, MSI provides both the products and the expertise to increase customer throughput while decreasing costs, and MSI has positioned itself as a single source for fulfilling all machining needs. For more information call 847-882-8085 or visit


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