Dialight's New LED Strip Light Alternative to Fluorescent Tubing Set for use by New Flyer Buses

FARMINGDALE, New Jersey, February 29 - Dialight Corporation has joined forces with two of North America's leading manufacturers in the transit bus and motor coach market, Hadley and New Flyer, to provide the industry's first complete LED-based interior lighting system.

Dialight LED modules already hold 80% of the North American bus exterior light market, and the new interior LED strip lights build on Dialight's expertise in this sector to provide a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional fluorescent interior lighting.

Dialight's new LED strip lights are set to be introduced into the New Flyer fleet for a 500-bus North American transit property within a Hadley housing. Hadley's Transit Group markets a variety of products for the transit bus, motor coach and specialty vehicle industry - mirrors, air/electric horn systems, 12V and 24V electric compressors, interior systems and luggage racks, along with mechanical and electronic levelling systems.

Laura Hoffman at Dialight says, "We are delighted with this opportunity as Dialight's interior LED fluorescent tube replacement is ideal for the coach industry. Its unique low profile is perfect not only for new build applications, but can be retrofitted easily into existing housings.

Fluorescent tubes are posing users an increasing number of environmental and health and safety problems in terms of potential fire hazards, rising costs of disposal and multiple failures.

"The Dialight LED strip is the ideal alternative as it offers seamless light output, longer life, reduced maintenance and does not require a ballast, therefore providing improved safety," she explains. "It also brings substantial benefits in terms of reduced power consumption - typically 30W instead of 40-56W - improved lighting reliability, lower disposal costs and enhanced safety through the absence of mercury."

Options for use are varied too, covering general interior illumination, underseat and compartment lighting applications.

New Flyer Industries is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit vehicles in the United States and Canada. Its products include urban transit buses, hybrid buses, alternative fuel transit buses, electric trolleys, and shuttle buses for airports, car rental and park and ride schemes.

Hadley Transit Group designs and manufactures products for the original equipment transit and shuttle bus, motor coach and specialty vehicle markets.

About Dialight

Dialight plc (FTSE: DIA.L) is one of the world's largest suppliers of applied LED technology. It operates in two principal segments: components using low-brightness LEDs for status indication in electronic equipment and signals/illumination utilizing the latest high-brightness LED technology for traffic and rail signals, obstruction lighting, hazardous location lighting and general illumination applications. More information is available at www.dialight.com.

Web site: www.dialight.com

Source: Dialight Corporation

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