Successful Completion of Tranche 2 EJ200 Engine Flight Test

HALLBERGMOOS, Germany, December 5 -- On Thursday, 29 November 2007, the first Eurofighter Typhoon with a full Tranche 2 Propulsion System configuration (two Tranche 2 engines) completed a successful 50 minute test flight from Caselle di Torino Airport (Italy).

During the test, the Eurofighter IPA2 aircraft carried out subsonic and supersonic flight and handling manoeuvres in dry and reheat conditions on both engines. The EJ200 engine behaved perfectly during the tests and exceeded all expectations of in-flight verifications and successfully demonstrated the compatibility of Tranche 2 engines in a Tranche 1 aircraft.

The Tranche 2 EJ200 engines feature innovative engine control and monitoring technology, combining the functionality of the former engine mounted Digital Electronic Control Unit (DECU) and of the Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU) into a single Digital Engine Control and Monitoring Unit (DECMU).

The validation of the full Tranche 2 aircraft will be performed with an IPA7 aircraft (Tranche 2 configuration) in a flight test which is expected to be performed in mid-December 2007.

EUROJET Turbo GmbH is the leading European military aerospace engine consortium responsible for the development, production, maintenance, support and sales of the new generation EJ200 engine. The shareholders of EUROJET are Avio (Italy), ITP (Spain), MTU Aero Engines (Germany) and Rolls-Royce (UK).


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