EPRI announces joint conference and exhibition.

Press Release Summary:

Scheduled for June 29 to July 1, 2009, Annual Power Quality Application and Advanced Distribution Automation Conference will bring leading research, applications, findings, and case histories related to power quality and emerging smart grid. Some topical sessions will include Application Experience with Smarter Distribution Systems, Advanced Equipment for Smarter Distribution Systems, Power Quality and Energy Efficiency, and Power Quality Economics and Applications.

Original Press Release:

EPRI Power Quality Applications (PQA) and Advanced Distribution Automation (ADA) 2009 Joint Conference and Exhibition

Dates: Monday, June 29 - Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Additional Events:

Regional Smart Grid Workshop, June 29, 8 am - Noon

Fault Location Tutorial, June 29, 1 pm - 5 pm

Theme: "Managing a New Era in Power Quality and Advanced Distribution Automation"

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel Times Square, 1605 Broadway at 49th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019

For More Information: Mark Stephens, Project Manager, mstephens@epri.com


The Annual Power Quality Application and Advanced Distribution Automation Conference will bring the leading research, applications, findings and case histories related to power quality and an emerging smart grid. This event provides a unique forum for electric power end-users, distribution engineers, reliability and power quality professionals, and related technology manufacturers to gather, share experiences, and learn from one another in an efficient and focused environment.

Booking Details can be found at: http://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Summary.aspx?e=f89b0132-2319-4f88-92f6-081b744b51d2

The conference will contain 12 topical sessions including the following highlighted sessions:

o Application Experience with Smarter Distribution Systems. This session will highlight utility and industry experience in implementing elements of a smart grid.

o Communications Infrastructure for Smarter Distribution Systems. This session will address smart grid security issues and the required common communication standards relative to Europe and the United States.

o Advanced Equipment for Smarter Distribution Systems. This session will cover some of the control schemes and sensors needed to implement a smarter grid.

o Power Quality and Energy Efficiency - Uneasy Bed Fellows. This session will examine energy efficiency technologies and the related power quality issues.

o Power Quality Economics and Applications. This session will look at quantifying the cost of power quality as well as the efficiency of mitigation solutions.

Key presentations from the conference will include:

o Smart Grid and Power Quality: Bane or Boom

Arshad Mansoor, VP Power Delivery & Utilization, EPRI

o Trending Network Power Quality & Reliability

Peter Hofmann, General Manager Manhattan Electric Operations, Con Edison

o Integrating Data from the Smart Grid to Improve Distribution Operations

Tom Weaver, American Electric Power and Jim Tracey, GE

o SCE's Distribution System - Smart Today, Smarter Tomorrow

Allen Thiel, Southern California Edison

o Smart Grid Security

Frances Cleveland, Xantus

o Using IEC standards (CIM, 61850) to build the Distribution Smart Grid

E. Lambert, Electricit© de France

o Distribution Automation applications for reliability improvement

Charlie Williams, S&C Electric

o Common communication for Smart Grid Demonstration

M. Berninger, Con Edison

o Review of Canadian Smart Grid Initiative

Chad Abbey, CANMET

o Integrated Analysis of Power System Disturbances

Fred Elmendorf, TVA

o The Future of Fault Location

Cristiana Dimitriu, Con Edison

o Power protection and system efficiency - benefits and compromises of the technologies

Ian Ross and David Ezer, Omniverter

o Energy Savings Claims - the FTC Perspective

Hampton Newsome, Bureau of Consumer Protection, United States Federal Trade Commission (Invited)

o The Line-Post Sensor opens the On-Ramp to the Smart Distribution Grid

Larry Clark, Southern Company

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