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Rochester, N.Y.- August 28, 2007 Spectracom Corp., a leading provider of synchronization products, announces its merger with Temex Sync, a designer and manufacturer of time and frequency products for worldwide markets. The two companies will market their products and systems under the Spectracom brand name in a global partnership that strengthens product lines, enhances the combined technology portfolio and increases worldwide presence.

Temex Sync is a subsidiary of the Orolia group (NYSE Euronext Paris - FR0010501015 - ALORO). Orolia brings together a number of cutting-edge technology companies developing and manufacturing high-precision time and frequency systems. The combined operations of the new group, including Spectracom, positions Orolia as a Tier 1 vendor worldwide in the growing high-precision timing and synchronization market. Spectracom's product lines, channels and support also benefit from access to another Orolia company, Temex Time, which develops and markets low-cost Rubidium clocks and smart GPS-synchronized timing solutions.

"We are very excited to join forces with the Temex Sync team as it is an excellent match that will enable us to bring even better products and services to our customers and to build our business globally," says Lisa Withers, Spectracom president and CEO. "We believe our strong position in United States public safety markets and growth strategy in aerospace and defense will be greatly enhanced by the exceptional technology team at Temex Sync. Together, our combined product line and local support will give us a competitive edge in Europe and other international markets."

Jean-Yves Courtois, Orolia chairman and CEO says, "The synergy between these two successful companies means a step change for the global timing community which stands to benefit enormously from the technical depth and heritage of Spectracom and Temex Sync. We look forward to bringing these benefits to our customers the world over."

The new entity will be headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., with a business unit in Les Ulis, close to Paris, France, where Temex Sync already has substantial sales in Europe and throughout the world.

Orolia recently listed on NYSE Euronext's Alternext exchange.

About Spectracom Corp:
Spectracom Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of GPS (Global Positioning System) synchronized network time servers and precise transmitter frequency control devices. The company was founded in 1972, and now more than 15,000 businesses and organizations rely on Spectracom's time synchronization products to improve operating efficiencies, synchronize computer networks, synchronize security systems and to accurately and consistently document events where "Legally Traceable Time®" is needed. Spectracom's line of wired and wireless clocks, both in digital and analog clock formats, enable users to display synchronized time wherever necessary. The company's precise frequency control products provide customers with a GPS frequency reference in such applications as calibration, test and measurement, digital TV, land mobile simulcast, and telecommunication network synchronization. Target markets including communications, education, entertainment/hospitality, financial, government (all levels), healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, public safety, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities.

About Orolia SA:
Orolia, a precision electronics technology group, brings together leading-edge companies specialized in high-precision time and frequency systems for mission-critical applications. Orolia develops and markets systems that produce and distribute ultra-high precision signals through information networks in large and growing high-end markets, such as space and navigation, defense and security as well as telecommunications and broadcasting. Orolia's systems are deployed in a number of countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America. Orolia group clients include ATT, Deutsche Bank, French Ministry of Defense, Merrill Lynch, Moody's, Motorola, the United States Air Force, and Verizon,.

Orolia's systems produce and distribute high-precision signals through information networks. These high-technology products can be used anytime information needs to be synchronized from a millionth to a billionth of a second accuracy. Such high-precision levels are required in many mission-critical applications like satellite navigation (GPS, Galileo), military systems (radars, electronic warfare, guidance of nuclear submarines, secured communication networks, telemetry of ballistic missiles, and other defense applications), space exploration or digital terrestrial broadcasting.

The group, formed in 2006, consists of three entities: Temex Neuchatel Time, T4 Science and Spectracom, which includes Temex Sync. Orolia has committed to an accelerated growth strategy that entails acquiring companies, products or technologies.

Orolia's headquarters are located in Les Ulis, France, and the company also has offices in Neuchatel, Switzerland and Rochester, N.Y. For more information, please visit: www.orolia.com.

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