3D Systems Cube 3D Printer Receives Japan's Prestigious Good Design Award 2013

• The Cube 3D Printer Adds to Its Awards Collection

• Winning Products Will Be On Display At The Good Design Exhibition 2013

ROCK HILL, S.C.– 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that the company's first 3D printer for the home, Cube®, has received the Good Design Award 2013 in the category of communication devices/equipment for individuals or home, by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The Cube will be on display at the Good Design Exhibition 2013 in Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan, from October 30 through November 4, 2013.

The Good Design Award, established in Japan in 1957, is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design. The design applicants come from a wide range of fields including architecture, industrial design and more. Over 1,000 entries were awarded from 3,400 applications submitted for the 2013 awards. The Cube was awarded the Good Design BEST 100, which are the greatest 100 designs selected from all the Good Design Award recipients with high evaluation by the jury members.

The Cube is the first 3D printer designed and certified safe for home use and use by children. The Cube is packed with consumer friendly features starting with its sleek, contemporary design and tablet-like touch screen ease of use. Consumer print-ready and compact, this 3D printer fits into any room in the house, and at less than 9 pounds, is exceptionally portable. The Cube is available in stores in Japan at Yamada Denki.

"This 3D printer is an innovative product which has largely changed the prototyping environment. While there has been 3D printer demand for quite some time, it was expensive, so it did not become widespread for the market. Finally, this product (Cube) is compact and at a reasonable price. It is easy, simple to use, and high quality for everyone. The cartridge system with 16 colors available is a good design. We also recognized that this product allows for the transfer of 3D data by wi-fi: this introduces a new lifestyle to the market," said the Good Design Judging Committee (translated from Japanese).

"We are deeply honored to have been selected for this prestigious and reputable award by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion," said Cathy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, 3D Systems. "It is especially timely as our presence in Japan grows and expands into consumer retail environments, and as more Japanese explore 3D printing both at home and professionally."

The Japanese public can see the Cube on display at the Good Design Exhibition and read more about the award here.

About 3D Systems Corporation

3D Systems is a leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including 3D printers, print materials and on-demand custom parts services for professionals and consumers alike with materials ranging from thermoplastics, metals, ceramics and edible sugar. The company also provides software design tools including CAD, reverse engineering and inspection and consumer 3D printers, apps and services. Its expertly integrated solutions replace and complement traditional methods and reduce the time and cost of designing new products by printing real parts directly from digital input. These solutions are used to rapidly design, create, communicate, prototype or produce real parts, empowering customers to manufacture the future.

More information on the company is available at www.3DSystems.com.

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