350 Trion Workers Labor 500,000 Hours Without Loss-of-Time Injury

(Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) - The world's leading manufacturer of display and scan hooks for retail might also be one of the world's safest. Wilkes-Barre headquartered Trion Industries just celebrated 500,000 work hours without a lost-time injury. To mark the occasion the firm treated all 350 employees to free Trion T-shirts in a choice of styles a logo emblazoned dress Tee and the more trendy "The Best Hookers Come from Trion" party Tee. In old-time retail, a store's hook fixturer was referred to as their "Hooker" a well-known and respected title.

Beyond injury prevention, the firm offers additional safety incentives. If the plant goes 90 days without even minor, non-injury safety violations, the entire workforce gets 2 extra hours of convenience time off. Don Hislop, Trion's Director of Safety, Maintenance and Tool Room, and Nancy Pearson, Director of Human Resources, are in charge of employee training and pro-active safety programs. The firm is also in the forefront of materials recycling, energy conservation, and maintains profit sharing and extensive medical coverage benefits for employees. President John Thalenfeld confided that the company moved to Wyoming Valley in 1982 because of the work ethic of local people. "Our employees take good care of the company, and we try to return the favor by looking out for them," he said. When asked about business trends, Thalenfeld shared that manufacturing is returning to the United States from overseas due to quality and delivery advantages. Over the decades the Trion itself has grown to more than $40 million in annual sales and is among the largest consumers of raw wire stock and metal plate on the East Coast.

Founded in 1965 in New York by David Thalenfeld, a Wyoming Valley native, the firm originally manufactured only display and scan hooks. But product offerings have grown from that narrow niche to storewide label holder systems, shelf management systems, shelf dividers and auto feed, bar and tray merchandisers, cooler and freezer merchandising systems and retail anti-theft fixtures. Trion now holds 91 U.S. and International Patents and maintains over 450,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space on Laird Street and along Route 315. The company is intimately involved with local community efforts including the United Way, family and children's services, and donates space to the annual Gravestone Manor Haunted House fundraising efforts. If you've enjoyed the Halloween fun at Gravestone Manor on Route 315, you've been a guest of Trion. Learn more about this local company at www.triononline.com/profile and its founder directly at www.triononline.com/profile/DavidThalenfeld. Applications for employment are available at the Laird Street Headquarters.

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