2nd Westfalia AS/RS for Mexican Food Producer Congelados del Valle Westfalia's Savanna.NET® Managing Both Facilities

YORK, Pa., October 29, 2009 - Two years ago, in the summer of 2007, Congelados de la Hacienda celebrated the grand opening of its new frozen produce automated warehouse near Leon, Mexico. Repeating the 2007 project, Congelados again has recently contracted Westfalia Technologies, Inc to design, manufacture and install an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) and Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management software to maximize logistical efficiencies. Both these freezer warehouses process fresh produce, and then quickly freezes it in a -20°F storage area.

A supplier of fresh frozen vegetables and fruits, Congelados La Hacienda is a family-owned business established by the father Raul Leon Chavez and managed by the three Leon Torres brothers, Juan Carlos, Arturo and Raul. The family business prepares, packs and freezes asparagus, broccoli, carrots, strawberries and cauliflower, under the new company name "Congelados del Valle." In addition to their own fields and four greenhouses, the company has contracts with 35 local farmers, each of which farms 120 hectars on average, almost exclusively for Congelados del Valle.

"The automated warehouse has greatly exceeded our expectations for faster and more efficient warehouse operations, which makes adding another easy to justify," states Juan Carlos Leon. "Plus, the Savanna WMS gives me up-to-date accurate information whenever I need it. It has made our order processing faster and more accurate, a great boost to our customer satisfaction."

The Storage System Process

As fresh produce is brought into the facility, it is assorted into grades, washed and cut as needed. Employees perform a visual check of the broccoli, cutting it into single florets and sorting it into grades again. Carrots have the green removed, and are washed in hot water so the skin can be peeled automatically with ease. Afterwards the carrots are cut according to the customers' requested shape before they are deep frozen. Asparagus is washed, cut and manually taken off the conveyors by employees who fill retail cartons to the requested maximum weight. When in season, Congelados La Hacienda also cleans and packages strawberries and cauliflower. Once the produce is clean and packed, the packages are conveyed into the frozen storage area. It is in storage they freeze and remain frozen until shipped out to their customers in the USA and Latin America.

The Westfalia logistics equipment for the new building includes one Storage Retrieval Machine (S/RM) operating in one aisle, a conveyor system consisting of in-feed conveyors leading from the receiving docks to the frozen storage area, and out-feed conveyors to the shipping docks. Virtually identical to the first AS/RS project, the new facility has 9 level high racks, storing 6 pallets deep, and providing 4,524 pallet positions.

Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Software Manages the Entire Facility

Savanna.NET® WMS efficiently controls the product flow throughout the existing facility - from receiving, storing, order processing, to shipping docks - and will integrate the same functionality in the new facility. Westfalia's Savanna.Net® modular software consists of a core of basic logistics functions, which can be customized and added to, as customers specific needs require. Congelados La Hacienda's WMS for the past two years has included the core functions regarding product flows and real time reporting. They will soon be implementing the .3PL module as well.

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