1,000,000 Reasons Why Hydratight Is The Safe Choice

Global joint integrity and engineering services company Hydratight has reached an astonishing milestone for any business. The company's Western region - North and South America - has achieved over a MILLION hours of work in 2011-12 without a single lost time injury - despite working in mining, oil and gas, nuclear maintenance and other dangerous fields.

The result is a testament to the company's "safe is never safe enough" ethos, which puts an emphasis on safe working practices, whether in the office or on an oil platform in the Gulf.

"Safety - as the figures suggest - is our number one job; even our world-class standard of work comes second," said Gregory Scott, Hydratight's regional safety manager.

The figures are deeply impressive: in North and South America combined, Hydratight achieved a record-breaking total of 1.143 million working hours without a single lost time safety-related incident.

Broken down, North America alone has an overall injury rate of ZERO over 977,000 working hours, during the company's just-ended fiscal year.

The figures have pushed the company's insurance rating or "Experience Modification Rate" (EMR) down to 0.80, a record low for the company.

"The Industry's target standard EMR is 1.0," explained Gregory Scott

To work for most clients in these industries a company needs an EMR of 2.0 or less. Our margin is well under what the industry expects. It offers reassurance that their workers and property wonÆt be put at risk by anything our people do, even in the harshest environments on the planet.

His comments were echoed by HydratightÆs Western region HSSEQ leader, Colby Rhodes.

"We're immensely proud to have achieved such a milestone in the Americas, and we work to the same standards everywhere - our British operation is officially recognised as one of the safest companies in the UK, for example."

"As a company we work to one standard; the highest, and it pays off year after year both for ourselves and our clients."

"Our safety record surpasses that of every company we know in these fields: we have been able to set our target lost work incident rate down to 0.15 for our new financial year, and the total incident rate target to 0.50 - against an industry average of about 2.75, which we think is pretty remarkable."

"And the even better news is we're already well on the way to making it two million hours without incident."

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