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Mar 20, 2014 -

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"weQube and VisionSystem + Supplement Each Other Ideally"

Press release date: Mar 04, 2014

Tettnang – As the inventor of the first Vision Sensor, wenglor presented a further highlight in the field of image processing at the beginning of February 2014, with which the company is once again setting new standards. The weQube Smart Camera unites innumerable features with its intelligent software concept. In the following interview, weQube project manager and image processing expert Volker Schnell explains why this new development is revolutionizing wenglor’s existing portfolio in the respective market segment.

wenglor introduced its new weQube Smart Camera on the 17th of February, 2014. What distinguishes this product, and what makes it stand out from the competitors’ products?

Volker Schnell:    The weQube is distinguished in particular by its outstanding flexi-bility. Each customer can set up an individualized program depending on his own specific needs. Diverse communication options are an additional highlight. An open communications platform is used, which means that the weQube can transmit information to numerous data interfaces. Each measured value can be transmitted via anything from PROFINET, right on up to a serial interface.

At first glance, VisionSystem+ and weQube provide similar application solutions for numerous industry sectors. How do they differ from one another – where is one used, and where the other?

Schnell:    The weQube Smart Camera has a clear advantage where installation space is concerned – it’s very compact and requires just a minimum amount of space. Integration of the PROFINET protocol is a further advantage offered by the weQube, in particular where “Industry 4.0” applications are involved. Each of the systems can be used in nearly any industry sector. The VisionSystem+ is set apart by the fact that it has more computing power. It’s capable of completing complex tasks is less time. Computing power for the weQube is limited by its compact design. The VisionSystem+ is the right solution for evaluations which require several cameras. The same applies to special optics solutions, for example with telecentric lenses. All in all, the weQube and the VisionSystem+ complement each other ideally and represent a genuine advance for this product range.

Why are image processing solutions necessary at all for industrial systems?

Schnell:    With a normal sensor, you can determine whether or not a part is present at a specific location. Image processing makes it possible to monitor an entire surface area. As a result, a great deal more information can be acquired. This is why camera-based technologies are necessary and demand for them is steadily increasing. The question of how information is processed to finally arrive at a go/nogo decision is highly interesting in this respect. And this is the challenge for industrial image processing.

As you’ve said, the ingenious thing about the weQube is its flexible software platform. How will this be further developed in the future?

Schnell:    Our algorithms will become even more efficient and new ones will be added. For example, there’ll be an OCR module in the future for the detection of letters and symbols. As far as communication is concerned, Ethernet/IP will be introduced as a second industrial interface. Beyond this, we’ll wait and see what kinds of algorithms are demanded by the market. Due to the fact that weQube is a platform, we have the outstanding opportunity of being able to deliver additional solutions quickly.

“The weQube is distinguished in particular by its outstanding flexibility”, explains weQube project manager Volker Schnell regarding the latest project development from wenglor.

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