Sealed High Speed Air Motors for Precision Machining

We are announcing the recent introduction of Air Turbine Technology Inc. high speed sealed steel air turbine 700 Series motors for precision machining.

Powerful and compact 700 Series sealed steel motors feature governed constant speeds to 65,000 rpm and up to 0.95HP with patented Double Turbine air motor drives. These motors are ready for high production lathes, Swiss automatics, robotics and fixtured machining operations. Built to precise h7 tolerances and mounting diameters from 1" (25mm) to 1.50" (40mm), these air motors are perfect for high precision, constant high speed marking, drilling, milling and finishing.

The sealed steel body keeps liquid cutting fluids out for longer motor life. The sealed body also assures low vibration and noise below 65dBA. Mountings may be axial or radial. And, with fewer moving parts, there is less friction and less vibration so less downtime. There are no gears, vanes or brushes to burn out. Applications for these oil free motors include metal, plastic and wood working.

700MX Series Double Turbine for Precision and Power
The 700MX Steel Motor Mount with either ER-8 1/8" or ER-11 1/4" collets are available in 40,000, 50,000 and 65,000 rpm models developing 0.3 to 0.4 HP and is just 4" (100mm) long and 1.2" (30mm) wide but generates low vibration and quiet power for the toughest jobs. Constant high speed is maintained even under heavy load. Durable ceramic bearings are standard and accelerate production while lowering motor repair costs and downtime. The 700MX series is Ideal for lathes, Swiss Automatics, robotics and finishing. The mountable area is 80mm by 30mm and the motor weighs only 11.3 oz. (0.32 kg). A compact alternative is the 701MX which is only 1.6" wide and features a mountable area of only 38mm by 25mm.

703MX Series for Ganged Mounting Applications
The 703MX-ER 11 is a robust, precision twin turbine 1/4" or 6mm 40,000 or 50,000 rpm, 0.3 HP, ER-11 Collet Steel Motor Mount Spindle. With 5.60" (143mm) overall length and 1.42" (36mm) diameter, these dimensions can work for many 125mm by 40mm mountable area fixture mounted and ganged applications. The compact, robust design allows mounting anywhere on the housing.

705MX for Jobs Needing Even More Power
705MX-ER 11 1/4" 30,000, 40,000 and 50,000 rpm, ER-11 Collet Steel Motor Mount Spindles generate 0.8 HP for the 30,000 rpm model or up to 0.95 HP for the 50,000 rpm version while providing a generous 82mm by 40mm mountable area for a secure mounting for high cutting forces. This rugged motor mount design is ready for the toughest precision lathe, robotic or custom precision machining operation.

Angular bearings should be specified for drilling operations. A complete compliment of air supply, collets and cutting tools is available for all models.

Sealed high speed steel Air Turbine motors are available from Industry Depot or through your Industry Depot sales representative.

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