Multi Monochrome Ffiberoptic Light Source

High power fiberoptic light source with multiple monochromatic wavelengths from UV to near IR. (p/n MFLS 0410)

Fiberoptic Systems, Inc, manufactures a versatile fiberoptic light source with multiple monochromatic wavelenghts. The five high intensity LED light sources
can be individually set to provide any combination of the LED wavelenghts and light intensities.

Significant features:

o robust, small and versatile 450 mm long 'gooseneck' fiberoptic cable with 5mm dia. aperture

o 390 nm, 470 nm, 505 nm, 625 and 950 nm standard, other wavelengths optional.

o intensity controlled, adjustable light levels

o UV B and UV C optional

o integrated reflected light channel and detector (300nm - 800 nm range) optional

Applications include general specimen illumination in microscopy, fluoroscopy, time domain spectroscopy and material analysis.

Prices start at $750.- ea, 8 weeks.

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