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Controls & Controllers

BAE Systems Showcases Facilities Protection System at LIMA

BAE Systems showcases a system designed to detect, deter and delay hostile activity at LIMA, strengthening its capability in land border and coastal solutions in homeland security. The Key Facilities Protection Solution delivers effective command and control (C2), addressing the security needs of four key areas: air base, port and harbour, secure compound and industrial infrastructure. It gives...

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Transportation Industry Products

BAE Systems Hagglunds Awards Danaher Motion $12 Million Electric Propulsion System Contract

WOOD DALE, IL - By awarding the electric propulsion system contract to Danaher Motion, BAE Systems Hagglunds achieves a major milestone in the development of their new line of electric wheeled and tracked military vehicles. Danaher Motion, the motion control and drive system manufacturer, will develop the propulsion system including power generators, electric motors for traction and steering,...

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Optics & Photonics

Infrared Camera Cores suit process monitoring applications.

SCC500(TM) Series camera cores are based on common electronics and mechanical interfaces for resolutions of 160 x 120 (SCC500L) and 320 x 240 (SCC500H). Architecture combines IR-Specific video processing hardware with upgradeable, general-purpose control processor, running commercial Real Time Operating System. Products are designed for OEMs that are developing systems to serve surveillance,...

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