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Bestolife Corporation

Lubricants, Materials & Material Processing

STINGER Lubrication Compounds protect against seizing and galling.

Jan 27, 2017

Available in STINGER™ HDD, STINGER™ HDD-AG and STINGER™ ENVIRO variants, STINGER Lubrication Compounds consist of extreme pressure additives and corrosion inhibitors. Providing unrivaled galling and seizing protection, STINGER™ HDD, STINGER™ HDD-AG offer copper look and feel. Used in environmentally sensitive areas, STINGER™ ENVIRO is made of non-metallic lubricating compound and... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Drilling Compound has copper appearance and texture.

Apr 28, 2016

Applicable over wide temperature range and diverse working conditions, HONEY KOTE™ maximizes protection against seizing, galling, and load-bearing stress on drill collars and drill pipes used in oil and gas industry. Product, pressure tested up to 25,000 psi, meets/exceeds all ISO and API standards and will not run off or bleed at high temperatures or harden in storage. Formula's... Read More