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ROLEC Enclosures Inc.

aluPLUS Aluminum Enclosures come with powder gray coating.

Nov 08, 2017

aluPLUS Aluminum Enclosures are available in eight industry-standard sizes ranging from 4.92 in. x 3.30 in. x 2.32 in. to 10.23 in. x 6.29 in. x 3.54 in. Units are equipped with clip-on plastic trims, lid and fixing screws. Products are IP 66 rated and are suitable for indoor and outdoor industrial environment applications. Enclosures feature accessories such as lid supports, screw hinges and... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Optics & Photonics

Vertical Holding Bracket is made of extruded aluminum.

Aug 18, 2017

ROLEC mobilCASE Vertical Holding Bracket is available in three standard widths such as 3.15 in., 3.93 in., 5.12 in. Molded from black polyamide material, unit is offered in one-part closed or two-part open profiles and in six sizes ranging from 4.72 in. x 4.64 in. x 3.15 in. to 9.44 in. x 6.61 in. x 5.12 in. Product is designed for handheld electronics, desktop and wall mounted applications.... Read More

conFORM EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures are made of diecast aluminum.

Jun 24, 2017

Available in pebble gray color and 3.11 x 3.30 x 1.73 in. to 10.55 x 6.61 x 3.93 in. sizes, conFORM EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures come with uncoated teeth and contact rail. Suitable for heavy duty industrial applications, units are IP 66 rated. Offering separate sealing and contact levels, products feature corrosion protection coating. Enclosures come with external lid hinges, internal lid... Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

AluCase Enclosures safeguard electronics.

May 08, 2017

Available with protection ratings of IP 66, IP 67, and IP 69K, Rolec AluCase enclosures come in 29 sizes. The IP 69K option provides protection from high pressure jet washing and steam cleaning. Various options include ‘lid closed’ installation, anodized aluminum trims, integrated exterior lid hinges, and key lock access. 

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Mounting & Attaching Products

TechnoPlus Enclosures include mounting brackets.

Apr 10, 2017

Available in five sizes, Rolec's TechnoPlus enclosures include a bracket that allows them to be horizontally or vertically mounted on poles, masts, and street signs. Features include screw ports for the mounting brackets and retaining straps for recessed lids. Enclosures have an IP66 rating. Comes in light gray but can be customized upon request.

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Electronic Components & Devices

aluDISC Enclosures meet IP67 and IP69K standards.

Apr 03, 2017

Used in industrial pipework, shipboard equipment and vehicle applications, aluDISC Enclosures feature flat surfaces for mounting of cable glands and controls. Designed with transparent lid (AR 120 size) and lid-hinge/support options, aluDISC are available in sizes ranging from 4.33 x 3.82 x 2.17 in. to 7.48 x 7.05 x 3.54 in. Featuring clip on polyoxymethylene trims, units can be fitted to... Read More

multiPANEL Enclosures are made of extruded aluminum with stainless steel trims.

Apr 03, 2017

Available in 2.75 in., 3.34 in. or 5.11 in. depths with 1.97 in. and 2.76 in. tube diameters, multiPANEL Command/Display Enclosures can be installed hanging, upright or in movable suspension arm. Designed in flat panel with lock and external hinges, simple bolted flat panel, framed rear door with lock and internal hinges, units offer USB, HDMI, DVI and CP-Link 4 cable routing. Enclosure’s... Read More

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