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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Enterprise-Class NVRAM enhances storage, data center efficacy.

Apr 15, 2015

Based on PCIe® 3.0 interface, EXPRESSvault™ EV3 non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) can be used as block storage device for DMA transactions and persistent memory extension mapped directly to host. NVRAM can be applied to storage systems using inline deduplication and compression, encryption, indexing, and mapping. Supplied in 4, 8, and 16 GB capacities, solution delivers sustainable performance... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Flash-Based SATA Storage Modules are suited for dense systems.

Nov 07, 2011

The mSATA half-slim module has 128 GB storage capacity and 64 MB DRAM cache, while 1.8 in. SATA SSD drive offers 256 GB storage and 128 MB DRAM cache. Both SATA v2.6-compatible products support 3.0 Gbps data rates, SMART and TRIM functionality, 48-bit register addressing mode, and power management. Suited for ultra-dense applications, modules deliver respective typical sequential read and write... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Non-Volatile DIMM delivers 1,333 MT/s throughput rates.

Aug 12, 2011

Utilizing Vault cache-to-flash controller, NVvault(TM) DDR3 works in conjunction with general purpose CPUs, RAID on Chip ICs, and other devices with DDR3 interface. System eliminates batteries in traditional data preservation schemes by utilizing ultra-capacitor for backup power, extending data recovery window beyond 24-hr limitation of some battery designs. Available in 2 and 4 GB capacities,... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

High Density DIMM offers low power 1.35 V operation.

Aug 09, 2011

Suited for server blades, Storage Bridge-Bay applications, telecom servers, switches, and routers, 16 GB 4Rank VLP RDIMM leverages Planar-X technology, which doubles number of DRAM components within standard DIMM dimensions using 2 PCB connected by flex circuit. This enables use of 72 two Gb DRAM in 36 four Gb dual die packages. Module features JEDEC compatible form factor and offers 1 DPC 1333... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Mini PCI Express SSD Module accommodates high-density designs.

Jun 14, 2011

Based on PCIe v2.0 protocol, mini PCIe SSD provides respective storage capacities of up to 128 or 64 GB with MLC or SLC Flash. It supports DDR ONFI 2.2 Flash and bi-directional transfer rates to 5 GT/s (Giga transfers per second) on PCIe bus. Respectively, read and write performance values are up to 350 and 170 MBps. Functionality is suited for cache acceleration in tiered storage caching... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Mechanical Power Transmission

SSD Modules support data rates to 3.0 Gbps.

Apr 26, 2011

Suited for datacenter equipment and embedded systems, mSATA mini SSD module offers storage capacity up to 32 GB with onboard 64 MB DRAM cache, while mSATA slim SSD module provides up to 128 GB with 64 MB DRAM cache onboard. Fully SATA v2.6 compatible units include SMART functionality, expanded register 48-bit addressing mode, and power management. Typical read/write performance is 120 MBps/48... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Test & Measuring Instruments

PCIe Backup/Recovery Solution enhances cache data protection.

Mar 22, 2011

Combining ultracapacitor technology, memory performance of DRAM, and non-volatility of flash, EXPRESSvault(TM) delivers data throughput required by cache backup applications without negatively impacting system performance. Plug-and-play solution, supplied in standard PCIe form-factor, features 50k IOPS and 1.3 GBps throughput. In addition to leveraging NVvault(TM) flash backup subsystem... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

DDR2 SO-DIMMs enhance laptop and tablet PC performance.

Jul 16, 2010

Supplied in 133.3 x 30.5 x 7.5 mm package, 667 and 800 MHz DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2) SO-DIMMs improve speeds while addressing power consumption concerns for laptop and tablet PC users. Densities range from 256 MB to 2 GB, and configurations are available with or without ECC, Registers, and PLL. In addition to thermal characteristics, products are optimized via pin-wheel layout of components in... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

DRAM Load Simulator tests DRAMs encapsulated in BGAs.

Jul 16, 2010

Measuring 8.0 x 13 x 1 mm, DLS1-DRAM Load Simulator for DDR1 has JEDEC standard footprint for x4, x8, or x16 organized devices on bottom and access points on top. Model DLS2-DRAM Load Simulator for DDR2 SDRAMs features JEDEC standard footprint for x4 or x8 organized devices and has dimensions of 11.6 x 14 x 1 mm. Both feature solder balls on surface to probe key DRAM I/O signals, and enable... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Virtual Rank Memory Module features 1.35 V operation.

May 11, 2010

Supporting up to 384 GB of DRAM populated in single dual socket server, HyperCloud(TM) provides 3 DIMMs per channel at transfer rate of 1,067 MT/s. Device utilizes rank multiplication ASIC technology to fully populate 3 memory channels with 16 GB 2 virtual rank RDIMMs. Four physical ranks are hidden from memory controller hub and presented as 2 virtual ranks. Dual socket servers can then be fully... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Virtual Rank Memory Module adds DRAM to dual-socket server.

Nov 17, 2009

HyperCloud(TM) is 16 GB, 2 virtual rank (vRank) DDR3 RDIMM memory module that allows 384 GB of DRAM to be populated in single dual-socket server. On server, 4 physical ranks are hidden from memory controller hub and presented as 2 vRanks. Server can be populated with twenty-four 16 GB 2 vRank RDIMMs. Using load reduction, servers with 4 DIMMs/channel can operate at transfer-rate of 1,333 MT/sec... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Digital Flash Card is suited for industrial applications.

Mar 19, 2008

SD1.1 Industrial Grade Secure Digital Flash Card provides 128 MB to 2 GB densities of non-volatile storage. It utilizes Single Level Cell NAND flash architecture and allows for controlled bill of materials to support full product traceability. Featuring 32-bit RISC processor, card offers sustained read performance of up to 18 MB/sec and write performance of up to 15 MB/sec. Commercial temperature... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Flash PC Card delivers sustained read/write performance.

Dec 14, 2007

Featuring Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND flash architecture, solid-state Industrial-Grade PC Storage Card is Type II solution that performs same function as HDD and suits critical applications requiring data integrity. It utilizes 32-bit RISC processor, which incorporates ECC engine and wear-leveling algorithm, and offers 64 MB to 16 GB densities of nonvolatile storage. Controlled Bill-of-Materials... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

CompactFlash Cards offer 64 MB to 8 GB nonvolatile storage.

Aug 24, 2007

Equipped with 32-bit RISC processor, Industrial Grade CompactFlash Storage Cards feature Single Level Cell NAND flash architecture and can withstand 3,000,000 write/erase cycles. Units are available with commercial temperature range of 0-70°C or industrial temperature range of -40 to +85°C. Cards are targeted towards OEMs using mission-critical applications in markets such as telecom,... Read More

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