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Assa Abloy Door Security Solutions

Material Handling & Storage, Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Attack Resistant Openings can withstand to intense 4-min physical attack.

Dec 15, 2016

Ideal for applications in K-12, colleges, offices, libraries and public buildings, Attack Resistant Openings are used as safety measures against attacks. Used in delaying and keeping attackers outside till first responders arrive, units meet test standards for forced entry and ballistic resistant level of protection for various threats. Openings include door, frame and hardware and protective... Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products, Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Steel Door and Frame System offers energy-efficient solution.

Oct 03, 2016

Pairing with Mercury Thermal Break frame, Mercury Steel Door uses Freon-free polyurethane foam formulation that provides R-value/U-factor and air leakage performance rates that meet or exceed stringent regulatory guidelines. Aesthetic options include flush and decorative embossed panel designs in many finishes, making Mercury system suitable for exterior applications in schools and universities,... Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Plastic Laminate Door provides moisture resistance.

Dec 22, 2015

Recommend for wet or humid interior applications, Maiman Integris Door brings visual warmth of wood to various openings. Door is constructed of high-pressure decorative laminate faces with matching edge bands on all 4 sides and moisture-resistant core that eliminates need for application of secondary protective substance. Available in max size of 4 x 8 ft for singles and 8 x 8 ft for... Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products, Safety & Security Equipment

Door and Frame Offerings carry ratings up to STC 66.

Oct 01, 2015

For applications requiring sound resistance from STC 56–66, Whisper Core(+) complete door and frame solution meets or exceeds such third-party testing standards as ASTM E90, E1332 and E413; carries 46 OITC rating; and complies with HMMA 865 and SDI 128 specifications. System consists of 2 flush single swinging hollow metal doors within single frame forming communicating opening. Cam lift... Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories, Safety & Security Equipment

Communicating Opening Systems feature STC 66 rating.

Sep 30, 2015

Used for sound attenuation, Ceco Door Sound-Tech Xpress(+) and Curries Quiet Noise(+) door and frame systems consist of 2 flush single swinging hollow metal doors within single frame forming communicating opening. Cam lift hinges, flat saddle thresholds, and adjustable door bottoms ensure doors seal completely and function easily. Tested to ASTM E90, E1332 and E413 with STC 66 rating,... Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Tornado-Resistant Door comes with optional window.

Apr 29, 2015

Factory Glazed StormPro 320 shields against flying debris and helps ensure safety of occupants in safe rooms and storm shelters of small business or residential homes during tornadoes and other extreme windstorm events. Optionally available, factory-installed 10 x 10 in. tornado-resistant glass kit enables occupants to safely see if storm has passed. Tornado-resistant glazing is... Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products, Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Door Openings feature blast-resistant design.

Mar 19, 2015

Designed to withstand explosions and excessive force, Ceco Door and Curries Blast Resistant Door Openings protect occupants of government and military facilities, embassies, refineries, chemical storage plants, and other properties vulnerable to destructive incidents caused by nature or man. Doors and frames meet or exceed stringent manufacturing and performance requirements of Department of... Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Operable Hollow Metal Doors offer STC ratings from 32-55.

Feb 18, 2015

Ceco Door Sound-Tech Xpress Systems and Curries 757 Quiet Noise Door Series are available with sound deadening technology that enables Sound Transmission Classification (STC) ratings from 32–55 in single flush, temperature rise, glazed, and embossed panel doors as well as flush and glazed pairs. Supplied with seals, ADA-compliant thresholds, and door bottoms, to meet STC label on door, products... Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products, Material Handling & Storage

Door Opening Frame provides sound attenuation.

Feb 03, 2015

Available with maximum total opening size of 11 ft wide and 9 ft high, Serenity Sidelight Frame can span most office fronts, and provides multiple elevation options for classrooms or other large spaces. Product combines single door frame with attached window and carries Sound Transmission Class rating of 35 per ASTM E90 and ASTM E413 standards. Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Doors suit high abuse areas.

Mar 20, 2014

Suitable for exterior openings in high abuse areas such as school buildings, FRP Doors combine durable exterior embossed finish with aluminum alloy perimeter extrusions and energy-efficient core. Water-based thermal foam-in-place core bonds door components together, creating opening with optimal thermal insulation and structural integrity. Door and frame systems offer numerous color options for... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems

RF Shielding Openings avoid compromise of secure information.

May 17, 2013

Consisting of door and frame with shielded seals and surfaces, PEMKO threshold, and conductive calk, RF Shielding Openings are suitable for MRI rooms, test labs, data and IT storage, RFID scanning areas, and government/military facilities. Conductive surfaces help to restrict interference from local RF transmitters, avoiding compromise of confidential information. With sound rating up to STC 50... Read More


Mobile Keys Software lets user open lock via mobile phone.

May 02, 2011

Providing secure delivery infrastructure for distribution and management of mobile keys, Mobile Keys Platform allows credentials to be distributed through near field communication enabled mobile phones, as alternative to mechanical keys and physical access cards. Using platform, security managers can manage credentials from central access control system. Credentials are stored in tamper-resistant... Read More

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