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T-Series SCARA Robot features built-in controller.

Sep 26, 2017

T-Series T3 SCARA Robot is used for pick and place, assembly, parts handling and dispensing applications. Unit is embedded with intuitive software and runs with 110 V or 220 V source. Product use multi-axis linear slides and features integrated vision guidance option. Lightweight robot comes with Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and CC-Link fieldbus interfaces and is... Read More

Controls & Controllers

Six-Axis Controller suits pick-and-place applications.

Apr 05, 2010

Micro PowerDrive Controller combines PowerDrive servo technology for optimized motion performance and EPSON RC+ Development Software, which facilitates use. Fully integrated options include support for Microsoft .NET, DeviceNet, and Profibus as well as additional I/O. Able to be used as standalone solution, PLC slave, or with PC, controller suits applications from pick-and-place to more complex... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Robotics

PC-Based Controller comes in 19 in. rack mount size.

Apr 05, 2010

Supplied in single-box chassis that contains control unit (PC) and drive unit (amps), RC420 robot controller has passive backplane, shock mount drive bay, and 200 W power supply. EPSON RC+ Control Software, included, facilitates use, while SPEL+ language accommodates system designers throughout world. Powered by 850 MHz Intel® Celeron® CPU, controller features 128 MB PC100 SDRAM, removable... Read More


SCARA Robots offer variety of Z-axis stroke options.

Apr 02, 2010

Available in 250, 350, 450, 550, 650, and 850 mm sizes, E2 SCARA Robots offer cycle times down to 0.38 seconds and repeatabilities down to 8 microns. Multi-Mount models can be mounted to wall, ceiling, or shelf so they are clear of conveyors and feeders. Nearly every E2 robot can be configured as Class 10 clean room model as well. Applications include hard disk assembly, electronics assembly,... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Linear Axis Modules offer flexible configuration.

Apr 02, 2010

Able to be controlled from PC-based RC520 and RC420 controllers, EPSON EZ Modules come in 1-, 2-, and 3-axis configurations with speeds up to 1,500 mm/sec. Sizes range from 400-1,000 mm for first axis, 350-750 mm for second, and 200-400 mm for third. Along with linear bearings and ballscrew that are lubricated for life, features include absolute encoders, precision ground ball screws, and belt... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Robotics

Six-Axis Robot features PC-based controller.

Apr 02, 2010

With reach of 791 mm, EPSON Pro Six PS3-AS00 comes equipped with Sigma III AC servo motors, EPSON servo control system, and EPSON RC520 PC-based controller. Unit features rigid design for smooth, high-speed motion with precision position settling. Two Pro Six robots can be controlled from one RC520 controller or 1 Pro Six robot and 2 E2 SCARA Robots can be controlled from one RC520. Available in... Read More


Compact 6-Axis Robots deliver fast, flexible operation.

Oct 29, 2009

Optimized for cycle time, precision, and motion range, EPSON C3 has SlimLine design featuring slim body and compact wrist that enable wide motion range with minimal mechanical restrictions. Robot can reach into confined and restricted work spaces from many angles with smooth motion, and tight integration of motors and amplifiers along with Hi-Res feedback and control quality lend to motion... Read More


Robot features 350 mm SCARA arm.

Mar 18, 2009

With working quadrangle of 494 x 494 mm, EPSON RS3 robot suits lab automation and process-heavy applications. Unit has no dead space in center of work envelope. Zero footprint robot's work envelope allows for design flexibility with over 360° of axis rotation for omni directional access. Read More


Zero-Footprint SCARA Robot maximizes work envelope.

Mar 13, 2009

Since there is no dead space in the center of the work envelope, 350 mm SCARA arm on EPSON RS3 features max working quadrangle of 494 x 494 mm. Ability to maneuver back under itself for shortest movements possible accelerates cycle rates, while work envelope allows for design flexibility, providing over 360° of axis rotation for omni-directional access. Capable of integration into compact... Read More


SCARA Robots work with Micro PowerDrive controllers.

Feb 20, 2008

Available in 168 models ranging from 450-1,000 mm in reach, G-Series combines smart motion control technology with high rigidity arm design to achieve optimum speed and precision with minimal vibration. Robot arms are available in standard, Class 10 Clean, or IP54/65 configurations as well as tabletop, wall, or ceiling mount versions. Vision Guidance, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet IP, and... Read More

Robot Controller offers 6-axis control in small form factor.

Jun 02, 2006

Based on PowerDrive servo technology that provides path control and fast accel/decel times, 6-axis Micro PowerDrive can be mounted inside standard cabinet panel next to PLC, saving factory floor space. Unit is available with E2 SCARA and Pro Six 6-axis robots and includes EPSON RC+ development environment. It provides 16-task multitasking, SPEL+ programming language, project management, and... Read More


SCARA Robot handles heavy payloads.

Jul 14, 2004

Model E2H853 Heavy Duty SCARA robot offers 20 kg maximum payload and 0.45 kgm² moment of inertia. Robot comes standard with RC+ software and RC420 Controller and suits applications with heavy payloads and/or large moments of inertia. Read More


Robot has 6 axes.

Apr 01, 2004

EPSON Pro Six 6-axis robot is capable of mounting on table top, side, or overhead and comes with EPSON RC+ software and open architecture PC-based controller. Applications including assembly, dispensing, lab automation, machine tending, material handling, and packaging. Read More


Robotic Modules can be configured with up to 4 axes.

Mar 28, 2003

EZ Modules combine NSK modular axes with RC+ software and RC420 and RC520 PC-based controllers. Because modules use standard EPSON Robots software and controllers, users can increase power and flexibility of EZ Module system by adding ActiveX Controls, Conveyor Tracking, Ethernet I/O, Force Sensing, Security/Audit Log and Vision Guide capabilities. Read More

Controls & Controllers, Robotics

Robot Controller offers conveyor tracking.

Oct 01, 2002

Conveyor Tracking on RC520 EPSON RC+ based Robot Controller allows robots to work in automated systems that incorporate continuously moving conveyors for transporting materials in and out of workcell. Tracking package supports single and multiple conveyors as well as single and multiple robots. It seamlessly integrates into EPSON RC+ programming environment. Read More


SCARA Robots offer 0.12 Kgm² moments of inertia.

Sep 23, 2002

E2 SCARA Robots provide 0.38 in/sec cycle time with 0.008 micron repeatability. They can be mounted on table top, side wall, shelf top, shelf bottom, and ceiling. Units are offered in 32 models which are UL listed, plus Class 10 Cleanroom and ESD compliant. Programming software runs on open architecture, PC-based controller. Read More


Vision Guide features geometric search tool.

Sep 10, 2002

Vision Guide robot guidance system uses Geometric Search Tool to quickly locate model or multiple models at any position under harshest conditions. Tool finds parts with full 360° rotation as well as parts that are partially obscured. It can be used in manufacturing of appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer, electronics, food processing, medical, pharmaceutical, photonics,... Read More

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