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FMC Technologies Wins Spotlight on New Technology Award for InLine ElectroCoalescer at OTC

May 5, 2016

HOUSTON - FMC Technologies, Inc. won a Spotlight on New Technology award for its InLine ElectroCoalescer, and was recognized at the 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston on Monday, May 2. This prestigious award recognizes and honors innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry that significantly impact offshore exploration and production. "We are proud to receive our... Read More

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Cost-Effective Control of VOC Emissions from Storage Tanks

April 12, 2016

Linde details how cryo-condensation can recapture value while minimizing emissions Murray Hill & New Providence, N.J., U.S. – At NISTM 2016, Senior Engineer Robert P. D’Orazio of Linde LLC will detail how cryo-condensation technology can not only minimize VOC emissions for storage tanks but recapture product and value for terminals, tank farms and chemical plants. His presentation,... Read More

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Grinding Machine features high flow cutting chamber.

January 26, 2016

Equipped with 5 hp motor and drive, TASKMASTER TITAN TM20000 is available in single, tandem, and duplex versions in standard iron and steel as well as stainless steel construction. Machine utilizes twin-shaft, counter-rotating cutter design to rip, tear, and shred solids entrained in liquid flow to fine particles so they can be easily processed by pumps and other equipment. Standard units are 21 ½ in. wide x 67 in. tall, while Duplex versions are 34 in. wide x 67 in. tall. Read More

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Why Diversification is so Important to Manufacturing Pursuits

December 18, 2015

Over the past 30 years that I have been with Handling Specialty, the company has certainly weathered several economic "storms." It was about 2002 when the third recession began to appear.  It was once again most notable via the decline in the auto industry.  We had just powered ourselves through the 90s when the auto industry was in full flight….and yes, we kind of put all our "eggs in one... Read More

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Phosphorous Analyzer monitors water treatment processes.

November 2, 2015

Configurable with 1 or 2 channels, Liquiline System CA80PH is designed for measurement of orthophosphate, making it suited for all critical measurement and control points of water/wastewater treatment. Colorimetric analyzer is available in 4 measuring ranges: 2 use standard molybdenum for low range measurement down to 50 µg/L and 2 use molybdate vanadate method for high range measurements up to 50 mg/L. Typical sample analysis takes 8–11 minutes, depending on method used. Read More

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De Dietrich Announces Record Orders at the ACHEMA Trade Show

August 26, 2015

De Dietrich, which recently scored new successes that provide it with opportunities for sustainable growth, is continuing its international expansion and has secured, in China, the biggest deal in its history. Under the deal, De Dietrich will deliver a waste acid treatment system for a new toluene diisocyanate plant to be built in northwest China. Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is used in the... Read More

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Septage Receiving System offers automated rock removal.

April 27, 2015

With SPIRALIFT® SR Septage Receiving System, TASKMASTER TT grinder uses trap system to settle out rocks with high level of efficiency. Automated rock removal option has automated gate valve that opens on pre-planned cycle and lets rocks fall into enclosed screw conveyor. They are then conveyed directly into bin for disposal without operator assistance. System is preferred by plants that do not want to remove rocks manually. Read More

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Veolia Build Water Treatment Process for Annandale Distillery

March 27, 2015

Water is critical to the operation of the reborn Annandale Distillery. It feeds the boilers that produce the steam to drive the stills. And further into the process it dilutes the cask strength spirit from approximately 65% ABV to about 40% ABV for bottling. New water treatment process at Annandale Distillery Both applications; boiler feed and spirit reduction need high quality water.... Read More

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Applied CleanTech Secured Approval for Two Patent IP's and Rounds Out Board of Advisors with Industry Veteran

December 15, 2014

CleanTech startup adds two new patent IP's and Yuval Rabin, the son of Yitzhak Rabin, the late Israeli Prime Minister to its growing roster of notable accomplishments. SAN DIEGO - Applied CleanTech (ACT) (www.appliedcleantech.com) continues to make its mark with its recent approval of its two latest IP patents. In addition, ACT adds President... Read More

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Single Moyno Muncher Chosen to Replace Existing Grinders in Rhode Island

June 5, 2014

Springfield, Ohio – A single Moyno TR Muncher® has been selected to do the work previously done by three grinder units which were struggling to deliver the required performance and maintenance levels at a large waste water treatment plant in Rhode Island, New England. The single Moyno CA203 TR Muncher installed in the Field Point plant's Gravity Thickening Building incorporates Moyno's... Read More

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EQ Expands TSCA-Approved Capacity at Wayne Disposal Facility

February 27, 2014

Wayne, MI – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently posted a new permit to expand the TSCA disposal capacity at EQ's Wayne Disposal, Inc. (WDI), by an additional 12 million cubic yards. The increased disposal volume extends the life of the Wayne Disposal Facility well into the future and allows EQ to continue to provide landfill disposal services for hazardous waste and PCB /... Read More

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Sludge Dewatering Optimizing System improves wastewater treatment.

December 16, 2013

Metso SDO (Sludge Dewatering Optimizer) lets wastewater plant operators operate dewatering equipment with continuous optimization. Helping improve sludge dewatering performance by up to 50% as well as reduce chemicals consumption and reach maximum efficiency, modular system can be integrated into most automation systems via Metso DNA automation system. Automating dewatering process reduces laboratory sampling, produces 24/7 real-time data, and decreases continuous need to monitor process. Read More

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The "Beast" Draws a Crowd in Richmond Illinois

December 9, 2013

Rockford, Illinois — In late October, Enviro-Care sponsored a demonstration of its innovative septage receiving system installed at the Richmond Illinois WWTP.  The "Beast" is the screening component of the Enviro-Care Liquid Waste Hauler System which is designed to pre-treat septage by removing the solids from this highly concentrated flow.  In addition to the Beast, the full system... Read More

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Duplex Grinder System serves residential sewage applications.

November 12, 2013

Powered by two 1 hp grinders pumps, 24 in. tall ProVore®680 features V-Slice® cutter technology and is suited for residential sewage applications. Design shreds difficult solids, such as feminine products, rags, and other unwanted debris. Supplied with alternating pump control unit, system operates on 115 or 230 V and can be plugged into standard 20 A home circuitry. Read More

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HydroFlow Products Added to EriezXpress Next Day Shipping Program

August 26, 2013

Erie, PA – A variety of filtration and fluid recycling products in the Eriez® HydroFlow® line have been added to the EriezXpress™ quick ship program, which guarantees next-day shipment upon credit approval. Through EriezXpress, orders received at Eriez by 4 p.m. EST will be processed and shipped the next business day. The HydroFlow products that are now a part of EriezXpress include... Read More

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Rotating Drum Screen has internally fed design.

June 4, 2013

Offered in models with drums up to 60 in. dia and 156 in. long, SCREENMASTER® RT employs cylindrical screen constructed with perforated metal, wedgewire, or filter cloth along with weir system. Solids are conveyed to discharge flange, and liquids are drained via outlet port. Supplied in corrosion-resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel, fine screening system comes with screen openings from 500 x 500 micron (filter cloth) up to 6 mm perforations for municipal and industrial applications. Read More

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SpinTek Filtration's Aqualescer® Proven to be Effective in Capturing Molecules as a Stand-Alone Coalescer

April 23, 2013

Los Alamitos, Calif. – SpinTek Filtration, a leading manufacturer in the filtration industry, continues its success with their innovative Aqualescer® technology. The Aqualescer is a pre-treatment of organic in Solvent Extraction plants for hydrometallurgy applications. This exciting new technology from SpinTek can be used in new mining filter installations, as a pre-treatment to SpinTek's... Read More

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Severn Trent Services Provides Chlorination System for Largest 2012 Tap Water Project in Chengdu, China

April 18, 2013

Capital Controls chlorination system will help Seventh Tap Water Plant address the growth of urban water consumption and meet stringent safety requirements. SHANGHAI, China – Severn Trent Services, a leading global supplier of water and wastewater solutions, recently signed a contract to provide its Capital Controls® technology, a turnkey chlorination system, for the first construction... Read More

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Cultec's Septic Chambers Offer Much Needed Wastewater Capacity to an Expanding Private School

April 16, 2013

BROOKFIELD, CT – South Kent School, established in 1923, is a college preparatory school for boys in grades nine through 12 nestled in the hills of picturesque northwestern Conn. The facility, which houses dormitories, classrooms, a gymnasium, a hockey rink, several athletic fields and a library, is located 45 miles west of Hartford, Conn. and 90 miles northeast of New York City. In recent... Read More

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Dragon Capital Group Receives Contracts for Installation of Automated Control Systems for Three Water Treatment Plants Valued at a Total of $1.5 Million in 2013

April 3, 2013

SHANGHAI - Dragon Capital Group Corp. (OTC: DRGV), a leading holding company of emerging high-tech companies in China, announced today its wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai Yazheng Information Technology Co., Limited ("Yazheng"), has received contracts for the installation of automated control systems at three water treatment plants in China. The total value of the contracts is estimated to be... Read More