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Stamped Heatsinks cool high-power LED lighting.

February 2, 2015

Available in 3 power ratings of 100, 150, and 200 Watts, Igloo SS Series features rectangular profile and provides up to 0.53°C/W thermal resistance using stamping process. Heat pipe models dissipate heat from high-power CoB LEDs using evaporative technology, while non-heat pipe models are suitable for lighting fixtures with multiple CoB LEDs or Metal Core PCB LEDs. Number of fins can be tailored to fit LED fixture housing, and base mounting pattern can be customized to design specification. Read More

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Air Dryers/Preheaters accommodate needs of diverse industries.

December 5, 2014

Built for maximum service life in such industries as wood, paper/pulp, gypsum, veneer, biomass, chemical, waste, and energy/power plants, industrial air dryers and air preheaters come in plain and finned tube system options. Compact, aerodynamic elliptical tube version offers ~3–10X less hydraulic friction than round tubes, minimum soiling, and corrosion protection. Other distinguishing features include minimized pressure loss and noise as well as optimized thermal transmittance. Read More

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Heat Exchanger Assembly dissipates over 10 kW of heat.

November 25, 2014

Designed to mount in standard 19 in. electronic equipment racks, Liquid Cooling Heat Exchanger Assembly pairs copper nickel heat exchanger cores with Rotron MAXIAX vaneaxial blowers to dissipate heat from electronic rack to water supply. Assembly is enclosed in ruggedized 6U aluminum chassis for harsh environments. Models with power inverters allow use of 400 Hz AC or DC fans and blowers for increased volumetric flow and pressure while maintaining compact size. Read More

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Rackmount Heat Exchanger survives maritime environment.

November 25, 2014

Able to dissipate >10 kW of heat in such applications as military and commercial equipment racks, 19 in. rack-mountable liquid cooling heat exchanger assembly is enclosed within ruggedized, 6U aluminum chassis. Assemblies can be customized for different input voltages, heat transfer rates, chassis mounting options, and mil-grade environmental requirements, including acoustic and structure-borne noise, as well as paired with tubeaxial fans and monitored using low-speed warning detectors. Read More

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Cooling Fan operates in explosive environments.

November 11, 2014

Meeting UL, NEC, and ANSI standards for equipment that will not create ignition source in explosive environments, Model MIL-901XP is suited for indoor and outdoor installations where sufficient concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, and dust are present. Unit features thermal protection, advanced composite impeller material, and permanently lubricated stainless steel ball bearings. Operating in ambient temperatures from -54 to +70°C, fan provides rated life of 200,000+ hours. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Cold Forged Round Heatsinks enhance CoB/MPCB LED heat dissipation.

October 17, 2014

Heatsinks for CoB LED applications use 7 or 10 mm base to address heating needs. Base thickness spreads heat dissipation for effective operation. Heatsinks for Metal Core PCB (MPCB) LED applications use 5 mm base for efficient cooling. Inherently designed with concern for thermal management in mind, metallic board exhibits thermal resistance that promotes heat dissipation over horizontal surface area. Use of thin base accelerates raising of heat to fins to promote heating efficiency. Read More

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Chillers, Heat Exchangers aid looped liquid electronics cooling.

October 2, 2014

Portable chiller systems, with cooling capacities up to 600 W, allow precise temperature control of recirculating coolants as regulated by thermoelectric module or PID control. For fluid baths, ATS-CHILL iM immersion chiller controls fluid temperature via immersible evaporator. Liquid-to-air heat exchangers offer metal fin density that maximizes heat transfer from liquid to air and optimizes liquid cooling capability. Products come in various sizes and heat transfer capacities up to 250 W.
Read More

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Square Cold Forged Heatsink suits 60 W LED applications.

September 25, 2014

With 127 mm square base and pin-fin design, Igloo FS127 features 0.89°C/W thermal resistance. Cold-forged one-piece unit accommodates popular CoB designs and performs well regardless of orientation. Anodized surface treatment provides corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and heat tolerance. With AL1050 aluminum used in heatsink, thermal conductivity is 227 W/mK.  Read More

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Thermal Management System features self-ventilating design.

May 7, 2014

Featuring 2 airflow channels with active induced air circulation via integrated set of motorized impellers, Discus Heat Exchanger cools sealed airborne or ground-based electronic and optical compartments without introducing contaminated or external air. Heat transfer occurs by convection from circulating air and then by conduction through common bulkhead connecting aluminum pin fins. Brushless DC motor turns 2 impellers on common shaft, each circulating air past exposed pin fin exchanger surface. Read More

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Dual Tower CPU Cooler provides quiet operation.

April 18, 2014

Featuring 150 mm wide fin-stack and widely spaced heatpipes, Model NH-D15 enables uniform heat distribution for optimal efficiency. Recessed lower fins enable NH-D15 to provide 64 mm clearance for tall memory heatsinks in single fan mode. Cooler also features pro-grade SecuFirm2™ multi-socket mounting system and NF-A15 fans that support PWM for automatic speed control through mainboard. Using supplied Low-Noise Adapter, max fan speed can be reduced to 1,200 rpm for quieter operation. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Heat Exchangers cool electrical and electronic enclosures.

March 28, 2014

Featuring Type 304 stainless steel NEMA 4X construction, HE Series draws heated air from cabinet, thermodynamically cools it, and then returns cooled air to cabinet. Process can cool cabinet interiors to within 5°F above ambient air temperature outside enclosure. Available in wide range of sizes to provide 5.7–83 W/°F of closed-loop heat removal capacity, heat exchangers have epoxy coated aluminum core, 24/48 Vdc and 120/230 Vac power options, and 4 or 10 micron ambient side intake air filter. Read More

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Simulation Software optimizes waste heat recovery cycles.

March 5, 2014

While offering calculations for heat balance and thermodynamic simulations, AxCYCLE™ v2.3 also provides fluid library that helps engineers develop models and cycles tailored for waste heat recovery for internal combustion engines. Optimized mapping functionalities and graphics are also featured, along with ability to run multipoint analysis for different operating conditions. Built-in OEM internal combustion engine library and OEM gas turbine library can be customized. Read More

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Miniature Thermoelectric Modules offer optimal heat dissipation.

February 5, 2014

Built using Tlam thermally conductive circuit boards, Tlam OptoTEC® series is designed for applications where temperature stabilization of sensitive optical components is critical. Circuit boards have thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material between copper foil layer and metal backing plate. Comprising 7 modules, series can create temperature differential (ΔT) of up to 67°C and pump from 1.5–9.0 W of heat at 25°C. At 85°C, series can create ΔT of 77°C and pump 1.6–9.9 W of heat. Read More

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Waste Heat Recovery System produces 125 kW of power.

November 20, 2013

Capable of recovering waste heat with temperatures as low as 80°C, Thermapower™ Organic Rankine Cycle 125XLT System employs Carefree™ Integrated Power Module, which consists of turbo expander and generator that runs on magnetic bearings in hermetically sealed housing to produce up to 125 kW of utility grade power. System also includes power electronics unit, magnetic bearing controller, PLC, variable speed pump and associated piping, and environmentally safe organic working fluid. Read More

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Heat Exchanger Monitoring System offers continuous operation.

October 16, 2013

Using network of wireless/wired instruments and pre-engineered application for continuous online monitoring, Wireless Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Monitoring Solution oversees and diagnoses failure modes to alert personnel of deteriorating health so operation can be adjusted in controlled manner to match available cooling, and corrective maintenance action can be taken. Automated monitoring also helps avoid safety concerns with manual monitoring that result from sending personnel on field rounds. Read More

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Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers keep enclosures cool.

September 23, 2013

Available in 120 Vac and 24 Vdc models, Stratus™ series employs heat pipe principle to exchange heat from electrical enclosure to outside. Each heat pipe has evaporator section and condenser section separated by permanent baffle to provide closed loop. Coil systems use aluminum end plates and baffles, promoting conduction while also reducing corrosion. Available for use with NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures, models come in 3 frame sizes with up to 72 W capacity and have 2 circulating fans. Read More

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Indirect Heat Exchanger suits dry gas seal applications.

August 12, 2013

Featuring one-piece, non-welded design to minimize potential leaks, HYDROSAFE™ Electric Heat Exchanger has 316L stainless steel fluid path that is independent from heater sheath, preventing fluid contamination. Heating element, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting plate, and inlet/outlet connections are combined into complete assembly, facilitating installation. Gas is heated inside small diameter seamless tube or pipe to allow for high system pressure capability requirements. Read More

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Monitoring Software enhances heat exchanger performance.

April 2, 2013

As pre-engineered, integrated solution, Heat Exchanger Monitoring Solution embeds process and exchanger best practices into software using wired and wireless instrument applications for automated, 24/7 monitoring. Maintenance personnel can schedule optimal time to clean to sustain optimal heat transfer, helping facilities reduce energy and capacity loss due to fouling by up to 10%. Also, additional emissions from heater operation are avoided due to improved heat recovery in process. Read More

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Custom Passive Heat Sinks meeting MPU cooling challenges.

December 10, 2012

Air-cooled heat sinks come in 4 varieties designed for optimal airside heat transfer performance. Design integrates Therma-Base Vapor Chamber technology within 3D thermal solution, with vapor flow spreading heat both laterally in base and into planar appendage heat pipe blades. Further enhancing thermal performance, high-density fins are attached to planar blades. Products are available for insertion into 4 chassis cooling formats, from 3U–6U, and handle heat loads from 250–2,000 W. Read More

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Liquid to Air Heat Exchangers offer capacities from 500-5,000 W.

October 18, 2012

Featuring self-contained design, WL Series removes heat from densely packed electronic environments that are not conducive to conventional heat sink fans. Units circulate water or water with glycol and run on AC voltage. Suited for medical and industrial markets, heat exchangers can maintain peak performance of high powered X-ray scanning systems by keeping X-ray generator and tube cool, and can extend life of machine tools used in CNC machining for fabricating metals. Read More