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Test & Measuring Instruments -> Probes -> Electrical Probes

Electrical Probes

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Test Lead Set withstands temperature extremes.

Test Lead Set withstands temperature extremes.

Klein Tools, Inc.    Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Jun 25, 2014 Universal Premium Silicone Test Lead Set (Catalog No. 69416) includes one pair of test leads and removable CAT III / CAT IV caps. While silicone-insulated test leads withstand temperatures from -4 to +131°F, strain reliefs promote durability and toughness. Other features include built-in wear indicator on probe wires, banana-type inputs compatible with most multimeters and clamp meters, as well as leads that work with and fit lead storage compartments on Klein meters.

Reticle Inspection System monitors sub-20 nm design nodes.

Reticle Inspection System monitors sub-20 nm design nodes.

KLA-Tencor Corp.    San Jose, CA 95134
Jun 02, 2014 With 193 nm illumination, Teron™ SL650 assesses incoming reticle quality, monitors degradation, and detects yield-critical reticle defects, such as haze growth or contamination. System supports mix of reticle types by using STARlightSD™ and STARlightMD™ to produce defect capture and comprehensive inspection coverage on single- and multi-die reticles, respectively. Chipmakers can also use STARlightMaps™ technology to identify CD, film thickness, anti-reflective coating, and other variations.

BGA Interposers accelerate probing of DDR3 and DDR4 designs.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.    Santa Clara, CA 95051
May 22, 2014 While Agilent W4633A BGA interposer is used with Agilent E5849A probes for high-data-rate DDR4 x4 or x8 DRAM designs, Agilent W3636A BGA interposer lets engineers probe DDR3 x16 nonstacked DRAM more than 2 G deep. Both interposer solutions, which capture address, command, and data signals for debugging designs and making validation measurements, are designed for use with Agilent U4154A logic analyzer system and support data rates testing beyond 2,400 Mbps.

Thermistor Probe suits medical monitoring applications.

Thermistor Probe suits medical monitoring applications.

CAS DataLoggers    Chesterland, OH 44026
Apr 09, 2014 Accsense Thermistor Probe Model E1-20 facilitates use of single Wireless A1-08 Temperature Data Logger to simultaneously monitor up to 6 temperature points. Supplied with 10 ft insulated cable, probes are 2-wire 10 KΩ thermistor assemblies consisting of element encased in 3 ½ in. long x 3/16 in. dia stainless steel tubewell filled with high-purity magnesium oxide powder and capped with potting compound. Size of probe sheath facilitates installation.

Handheld Current Probes operate up to 1.5 MHz.

Handheld Current Probes operate up to 1.5 MHz.

Cal Test Electronics    Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Nov 26, 2013 Comprising 4 models, ELDITEST CP6000 Series offers current capabilities of 100, 50, 70, and 40 A with operating bandwidth of 300 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz, and 1.5 MHz, respectively. AC/DC oscilloscope clamp-on probes feature dual range selectivity, over-range indicator, and power adapter or battery power for portable use. Power adapter is available with North American or European Union connectors.

Raman Probe supports food and polymer process analysis.

Axiom Analytical, Inc.    Irvine, CA 92714
Nov 20, 2013 When fitted to extruders employing industry standard ½–20 UNF fittings, Model RFP-435 enables Raman analysis of materials such as polymers and food products during extrusion. Probe features sapphire window, stainless steel construction, and proprietary welded window seal design. Employing interchangeable objective and filter assemblies, probe can be adapted to variety of sample types and operating conditions. 

Spring-Extend AC-LVDT Pencil Probes offer submicron resolution.

Spring-Extend AC-LVDT Pencil Probes offer submicron resolution.

Alliance Sensors Group    Moorestown, NJ 08057
Oct 23, 2013 DGP dimensional gauging probes (pencil probes), manufactured with the precision ground bearings, come standard with 8 mm dia plain outer body; optional sleeve, either plain or partly threaded, increases OD to 0.375 in. Offered in ±0.5 mm, ±1.0 mm, and ±2.5 mm ranges, products feature 2 m long axial shielded cable that is strain relieved and can be converted to radial cable outlet with included right angle cable adapter. Resolution and repeatability are better than 0.5 micron.

Gauging Probe combines long life and narrow 6 mm body.

Gauging Probe combines long life and narrow 6 mm body.

AMETEK Solartron Metrology    Gastonia, NC 28054
Oct 21, 2013 Offering 2, 5, and 12 mm measuring ranges and resolution programmable to 0.01 µm, D6J Pencil Probe Series is compatible with Orbit®3 Network and can interconnect with other sensors, instruments, and outputs. Designed facilitates installation, while construction includes long-life, precision bearings that ensure probe's accuracy is maintained throughout millions of cycles. Created to meet IP50 Protection standards, probe also features replaceable M2 thread tips.

Oscilloscopes offer power analysis options and wideband probe.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co      Germany
Oct 08, 2013 With R&S RTO-K31 and R&S RTM K31 power analysis options, oscilloscopes can automatically test quality of all segments of switching power supplies, including mains voltage quality of input range, safe operating area of switching transistor, as well as magnitude and spectrum of output ripple. For power supplies with high clock frequencies, R&S RT ZD10 active differential wideband probe combines high bandwidth of 1 GHz with input voltage range of 70 Vdc or 46 Vac peak.

Oscilloscope Probes suit extreme-temperature applications.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.    Santa Clara, CA 95051
Sep 11, 2013 Used for testing ICs and devices in environmental chambers, N2797A high-input-impedance, single-ended active probe with rugged tips can be operated, without damage, over -40 to +85°C range. For extended testing, N5450B InfiniiMax extreme-temperature extension cable is offered with InfiniiMax Series differential probing system and enables -55 to +150°C range. Also available, 2-channel N2820A and one-channel N2821A current probes offer sensitivity down to 50 µA with max current range of 5 A.

Oscilloscope Probes measure current or voltage signals.

Rigol Technologies, USA Inc.    Oakwood Village, OH 44146
Jul 11, 2013 Designed to fit any Rigol oscilloscope, current probes RP1003C/RP1004C/RP1005C measure higher speed transient currents up to 100 MHz when used with the RP1000P external power supply. Probes RP1001C/RP1002C enable direct measurements of currents up to 1 MHz or 100 A DC. Respectively intended for 25/50/100 MHz applications, RP1025D/RP1050D/RP1100D are passive, high voltage differential probes designed for voltage measurements up to thousands of Vpp.

Test Leads assess lightning protection in wind turbines.

Megger    Norristown, PA 19401
May 23, 2013 Available in 3 lengths of 328, 164, and 98 ft, KC Series is long enough to be used for assessing continuity of lightning protection conductors in wind turbine blades. Each testing lead comes standard on heavy-duty cable reel that is fitted with friction brake to avoid tangles when reeling out cable. For use with most low resistance ohmmeters, lead sets include 16 ft cable fitted with duplex handspike for probing lightning receptors on tips of blades.

High-Contrast Probe Tips offer complete TERS solution.

High-Contrast Probe Tips offer complete TERS solution.

Bruker Corp.    Tucson, AZ 85756
Feb 21, 2013 By enabling Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, IRIS TERS Probe Tips provide complete path to non-destructive, label-free chemical detection at nanoscale. Sharp, solid-gold cones are optimized for highest TERS enhancement at red and near-infrared Raman excitation wavelengths, maximizing sensitivity and spatial resolution. When utilized on Innova-IRIS systems, probes enable TERS on opaque samples using scanning tunneling microscopy feedback.

Probing System supports 4th Gen serial data measurements.

Probing System supports 4th Gen serial data measurements.

Tektronix, Inc.    Beaverton, OR 97077
Feb 04, 2013 Paired with DPO/DSA73304D oscilloscope, 30 GHz P7600 Series provides connectivity and signal fidelity for high-speed differential signal measurements on serial bus designs like PCI Express. Two direct connect 2.92 mm coaxial inputs enable conversion of incoming differential signal pair to single oscilloscope input. In addition to differential measurements found in high-speed serial signals, TriMode™ supports independent single-ended and direct common mode measurements through same probe connection.

Flying Probe System features double-sided design.

Flying Probe System features double-sided design.

Acculogic Inc.    Markham, ON L3R5J6
Jan 22, 2013 Equipped with heavy-duty conveyor system to handle large and heavy boards, Flying Scorpion FLS980 Series III utilizes HP850 probe modules for functional testing up to 20 GHz. Double-sided, multi-probe system features optimized Boundary Scan, digital testing, and device programming. It includes ThermoScan™ for thermal verification, LaserScan™ for accurate positioning and warp compensation, and 1M/5M pixel camera system for positioning and AOI.

Portable Test Probe measures phase noise.

Symmetricom, Inc.    San Jose, CA 95131
Dec 04, 2012 As part of base hardware kit, Symmetricom 3120A Test Probe measures phase noise and Allan Deviation. Additional software options are available to measure AM noise floor and signal statistics such as HDEV, TDEV, MDEV, and jitter. Options also enable probe to be used as frequency counter and for mask testing. Designed to take measurements and conduct analysis, software displays results in seconds without need for external data processing.

Surface Resistivity Instrument can carry out BR test.

Proceq USA, Inc.    Aliquippa, PA 15001
Oct 04, 2012 Using plate electrodes on each end of sample, Resipod Bulk Resistivity (BR) Model evaluates resistance of concrete cylinder. Unit comes with necessary accessories for carrying out bulk resistivity (BR) test. This fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe uses non-destructive test method and yields results within minutes. Supplied in waterproof housing designed to float, instrument meets AASHTO provisional standard TP95-11 and has measuring range of 0 to ca. 1000 kΩcm.

Differential Active Probes facilitate digital system design.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.    Santa Clara, CA 95051
Jul 25, 2012 Available in 1.5, 3.5, and 6 GHz models, N2750A Series features InfiniMode technology, which allows measurements of differential, single-ended, and common-mode signals with single probe tip without reconnecting probe to change connection. Units offer low input loading of 200 kW differential, 10 Vpp dynamic range, ±15 V offset range, and CMRR of greater than 60 dB at 1 MHz. Using built-in, quick-action control button, engineers can control most-needed scope functions.

RF Probes deliver repeatable broadband measurements.

RF Probes deliver repeatable broadband measurements.

Everett Charles Technologies    Pomona, CA 91767
Jun 29, 2012 Utilizing independent probes arranged to create ground shield, K-50 Series can articulate to absorb DUT tolerances, fixture tolerances, and flexure when used in plunge-to-board test applications. Each ground and signal probe is replaceable and features instrument-grade Pogo Pin architecture, which is designed for up to 90% compression. Offering measurement capabilities from 4-12 GHz, controlled-impedance, spring contact probes are used as port extenders for network analyzers.

Capacitive Displacement Sensors achieve 0.05 nm resolution.

Capacitive Displacement Sensors achieve 0.05 nm resolution.

Lion Precision Inc.    St. Paul, MN 55126 7014
May 30, 2012 Available in diameters of 3, 5, and 8 mm as well as 3/8 in. with axial and radial cable exits, Capacitive Displacement Sensor Probes are useful in any application requiring measurement or monitoring of position of conductive target. Units are not sensitive to material changes and respond equally to all conductors. Designed to work with several models of electronic drivers, probes are suited for semiconductor, disk-drive, precision bearing, and micromachining industries.

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