Remediation Services


Arc Flash Services include onsite assessment and auditing.

November 24, 2015

Bringing licensed engineers onsite, Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Arc Flash Audit services identify areas for improvement. After initial meeting, engineer collects and audits arc flash program data for entry into power-system analysis software and creation of risk assessment report. On-site, review-based Arc Flash Audit lets clients proactively address arc flash to stay up to date, compliant, and safe. After review, engineer conducts employee interviews and provides recommended next steps.
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Software, Services

Emergency Preparedness Software provides overall readiness index.

September 3, 2010

Readiness Index(TM) is secure online system through which businesses can measure and monitor emergency preparedness against 1-100 scale. On daily basis, system computes overall readiness index for organization and emergency type, enabling proactive adjustments to be made that are necessary to drive preparedness to desired state. Solution serves organizations such as government agencies, utility companies, mass transit providers, and numerous other industries. Read More


Compressed Air System Audit promotes efficiency gains.

February 19, 2009

Air Demand Analysis makes use of data loggers and precision sensors to create detailed air usage profile for facility. Over 10-day period, they are used to monitor and chart air flow, power consumption, and system pressures during normal operating hours. This creates complete picture of air requirements, including relationship between peak and base load compressors and each compressor's duty cycle. Using this data, Kaeser specialists identify areas for improvement. Read More

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Service offers assessment of website security.

February 25, 2008

WhiteHat Sentinel Service allows customers to rank their sites based upon scoring system that combines business value of each site with severity and threat of individual vulnerability. It provides advanced reporting to facilitate remediation, on-demand vulnerability retest, and Q&A features. Web-based API enables users to integrate vulnerability data with critical development software and security information systems. Read More


Qualification Packages ensure instrument compliance.

January 10, 2008

Packed along with MonARC instruments, EQ Pacs (Equipment Qualification Packages) assure customers that applicable industry-specific quality and safety standards are met by showing compliance in case of audit by internal/external regulatory bodies. Solutions cover everything from beginning, with compliant release of equipment for routine operation, and following with support of qualification needs throughout product life cycle. Each EQ Pac offers documentation and installation service. Read More

Software, Services

Service assesses Web application vulnerabilities.

November 14, 2006

Able to identify vulnerabilities that put online customers and corporate data at risk, WhiteHat Sentinel v3.0 provides continuous assessment and management service for Web sites. It can assess all 24 classes of vulnerabilities identified by WASC's threat classification. Used each time Web site is changed or updated, SOA-based solution ensures identification of existing and new vulnerabilities through 3-step process of scanning, verification, and custom testing. Read More


Assessment Service aids in blade server deployment.

January 18, 2006

Blade Readiness Assessment Service determines feasibility of successfully deploying blade servers within current data center installations. Service takes into account data center NCPI components such as power, cooling, facility, and rack capabilities as well as management systems. For each assessment, service provides report that identifies constraints and offers power and cooling enhancement options as well as optimal blade deployment strategies. Read More

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