Conecsus Presents SMT Metals Waste Recycling Solutions at SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum

October 3, 2016

Terrell, Texas, USA - Conecsus, LLC, an innovative environmental technology and recycling company, will exhibit at the SMTA Guadalajara Expo Tech Forum, Wednesday October 5 and Thursday October 6, 2016, at Hotel Riu Guadalajara, Mexico. Roberto G Valenzuela Camargo will be in responsible for the booth. Conecsus representatives will illustrate how the company processes wastes containing...Read More

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Foamlinx Collaborates with Bay Area Recycling Company to Provide Custom Foam Recycling Services

April 15, 2016

Foamlinx LLC, a Silicon Valley based company, manufacturer of CNC foam cutting machinery is expanding its business to include custom foam recycling programs and services. The company has teamed up with, an environmentally green recycling company to offer pick up of foam scrap from local businesses, foam drop off and storage as well as foam recycling equipment rental. Full...Read More

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Recycling Service handles spent aluminum oxide.

February 2, 2015

With 100% closed loop recycling process, Washington Mills takes back spent aluminum oxide that would typically be put into landfills. Spent aluminum oxide is blended with new bauxite, and this mixture is fed into specially designed furnaces that melt and purify liquid abrasive. Process transforms spent aluminum oxide back into raw materials used to make pure fused aluminum oxide. Recycling greens supply chain and frees companies from future landfill liabilities. Read More


Advanced Chemical Receives OHSAS Certificate

July 30, 2014

Warwick, Rhode Island— Advanced Chemical is proud to announce its recently granted OHSAS 18001 status. From now through 2017, the OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services) certification confirms Advanced Chemical's mission to provide a safe and supportive environment for all employees and visitors at its full-service precious metals refinery. Developed in response to the...Read More

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EQ Expands TSCA-Approved Capacity at Wayne Disposal Facility

February 27, 2014

Wayne, MI – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently posted a new permit to expand the TSCA disposal capacity at EQ's Wayne Disposal, Inc. (WDI), by an additional 12 million cubic yards. The increased disposal volume extends the life of the Wayne Disposal Facility well into the future and allows EQ to continue to provide landfill disposal services for hazardous waste and PCB /...Read More


New R2 Certification Confirms Advanced Chemical's Responsible Recycling Practices

February 24, 2014

Warwick, Rhode Island —Advanced Chemical, a full service precious metals refiner, is proud to announce it recently received Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) Certification. Through audits and other means, the accredited R2 Certification program requires electronics recyclers demonstrate to an accredited, independent third-party auditor that they meet specific high environmental standards...Read More

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Cell-Con, Inc. Promotes Nationwide Call2Recycle Program to Recycle Used Rechargeable Batteries

February 13, 2014

Participation in North America's most comprehensive battery recycling program augments environmental sustainability efforts Exton– In efforts to be an environmentally responsible organization, Cell-Con, Inc. is promoting Call2Recycle, the only no cost rechargeable battery and cellphone collection program in North America. By...Read More

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Recycle Your Rechargable Batteries

February 12, 2014

Participation in North America's most comprehensive battery recycling program augments environmental sustainability efforts Exton — In efforts to be an environmentally responsible organization, Cell-Con, Inc. is promoting Call2Recycle, the only no cost rechargeable battery and cellphone collection program in North America. By...Read More

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Recycling Uptick at Oregon's Hillsboro Ballpark Attributed to GreenDrop Recycling Stations

July 23, 2013

HILLSBORO, Ore.– GreenDrop Recycling Stations are an instrumental part of the recycling program at the Hillsboro Ballpark, the home of Hillsboro Hops. The City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department owns and operates the operations at the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex where Hillsboro Ballpark is located. As part of the City's environmental and sustainability programs, they have partnered...Read More

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Sly Fox Beer Opens up Flavor and Aroma with Crown's 360 End(TM)

April 4, 2013

Philadephia, PA – With the April launch of Helles Golden Lager, its ninth canned beer, Sly Fox Brewing Co. of Pottstown, Pennsylvania becomes the first brewery in North America to utilize the innovative 360 Endbeverage can technology developed by Crown Holdings, Inc. ( The entire lid of the can is removable, turning it into a drinking...Read More

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Karrior is Upcycling Gas Cushman's to Electric Cushman's with a Solar Assist

March 20, 2013

Karrior is converting gas Cushman’s to electric Cushman’s with a solar assist. We know Cushman’s are strong and well built. Karrior is a company that is helping with the reckless and wasteful disposalof still usable, decent gas vehicles. We are upcycling and repurposing these vehicles. If you are thinking of trashing your old gas cart, please consider our upcycling alternative. ...Read More

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Eastern Distribution's Trans-Loading Project in Greenville, Carolina Recycles Waste Light Bulbs and Saving Lives

June 11, 2012

Eastern Distribution combines rail access, local trucking, material handling and trans-loading at their Greenville SC warehouse to load rail hopper cars with waste light bulbs. Eastern Distribution's capabilities are making it possible for a Waste recycling company to efficiently transfer hundreds of tons of waste glass light bulbs via rail to a distant recycling plant. This year just under...Read More

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Recycling Aluminum Oxide Could Save You Money

February 10, 2012

Washington Mills has pioneered a closed loop recycling process of spent aluminum oxide. As the only manufacturer of aluminum oxide in North America that fuses its own aluminum oxide, Washington Mills has the unique ability to take spent aluminum oxide and recycle it back into our furnace process. This recycling process produces nearly zero waste while producing a new product with fewer...Read More

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Sandvik Coromant Takes Business Approach to Recycling

January 31, 2012

FAIR LAWN, N.J. - Sandvik Coromant, the market leading producer of metal cutting tools, has announced the move of its long-standing tungsten carbide recycling program in the U.S. to its business services organization. The company sees recycling not just as a benefit for the environment, but as an added business opportunity for Sandvik Coromant and its customers. Sandvik Coromant has long been...Read More


Washington Mills Recycles Aluminum Oxide

August 18, 2011

At Washington Mills, we make every effort to recycle your spent material wherever possible and are constantly improving and growing our recycling program. As a company dedicated to respecting the environment in which we operate, we're committed to reducing the environmental impact of land filling spent material. Our goal of a completely closed loop manufacturing system not only helps the...Read More


A Green Alternative to Metalworking Process Fluid Disposal

May 6, 2011

Recycling and re-using metalworking process fluids is just another way that Quaker Chemical provides value to its automotive customers CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., May 3,2011 - Quaker Chemical (NYSE: KWR) - a global leader in metalworking process fluids - offers its customers a greener alternative for the disposal of used process fluids. By recycling and re-using many of the process fluids utilized in a...Read More

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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy's Advanced Recycling Center Recognized for Its Potential to Make Energy Out of Used Nuclear Fuel

November 1, 2010

Nuclear Fuel Recycling Technology Joins ecomagination Portfolio - GE's $10 Billion Commitment to Clean Energy Technology Innovation WILMINGTON, N.C. - October 14, 2010-With a special commission evaluating options to help the U.S. Department of Energy develop a scientifically sound and economically viable strategy to deal with the growing stockpiles of used nuclear fuel from commercial reactors,...Read More

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Corporate Environmental Responsibility: Area Finishing Company Takes a Proactive Stance

August 23, 2010

Sellersville, PA -Precision Finishing Inc. utilizes innovative waste treatment systems and recycling services that demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to environmental responsibility. The local finishing company manufactures and distributes waste treatment systems that treat vibratory parts washing waste water that meet the most stringent EPA regulations. The innovative technology powering...Read More

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Hitachi Metals Begins Recycling of Amorphous Transformer Cores

August 17, 2010

Recycling Plant To Be Established within Yasugi Works TOKYO, Japan - Hitachi Metals, Ltd. today announced the development of recycling technology for manufacturing its amorphous metal (Metglas) directly from amorphous cores taken from transformers that have been taken out of service. Hitachi Metals has decided to establish a facility to conduct this operation within its Yasugi Works in Japan. ...Read More


Fluorescent Facts

October 28, 2008

Joining forces with the mass movement to clean up our environment, Precision Cooperative Purchasing is beginning and developing a recycling program in the state of NJ for all mercury containing lamps or bulbs. It is a little-known fact that beneath the glass casing, fluorescent lamps contain from 5 to 50 mg. of mercury, usually exceeding the EPA's regulatory 2mg./liter threshold. The mercury,...Read More