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Headlamp specifically targets electricians.

February 2, 2016

Equipped with anti-slip silicone strap that comes pre-adjusted to fit hard hat, Model 56220 has lamp with 45° tilt for varied beam direction. Lamp can be used in spotlight mode with 150 lumens and 6 run hours, or floodlight mode with 50 lumens and 10 run hours. Headlamp is also water- and impact-resistant. Other available products include 215 lumen Side Focus Flashlight, 36 lumen Penlight, and Clip Light with 50-lumen low mode and 150-lumen high mode. Read More

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Klein® Tools Wins Four Pro Tool Innovation Awards

October 16, 2015

Tools are recognized for their multi-use functions saving time, money and space Lincolnshire, IL – Klein Tools (http://www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, was presented with four Pro Tool Innovation Awards for products launched this past year. The winning tools include Adjustable Length Screwdriver (Cat. No. 32751), Non-Contact Voltage... Read More

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Non-Contact Voltage Tester features independent flashlight.

May 8, 2015

Detecting full range of 12–1,000 Vac, NCVT-3 accommodates needs of low and standard voltage environments. Integrated flashlight works independent of voltage detection function. In addition to carrying CAT IV 1,000 V safety rating, this IP67 dustproof and waterproof unit features drop protection up to 6.6 ft, simultaneous visual and audible voltage indicators, and pocket clip to facilitate storage and access. Auto Power-Off functionality helps conserve and extend battery life. Read More

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UV Light Pen combines compact form factor, 12,000 mW/m² output.

October 16, 2014

Suited for fieldwork, Model 330005 uses solid-state LED technology to offer portable source of UV light built into pen. InGaN LED produces 400 nm output that is low enough to cause fluorescence and safer than lower UV wavelengths. Powered by 4 button cell batteries (included), this rugged and portable, 3/8 x 5 in. device weighs 1 oz (with battery), offers immediate output without any warm up time, and operates from -4 to +176°F. Black ink refills are available.<br /> Read More

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LED Flashlight offers 1 km ANSI beam distance.

March 17, 2014

Operating on 3 D-size batteries, Beam-Master&trade; Flashlight has several power settings and offers 2-hour run time at full brightness. Unit produces circular spot image and uses RLT&trade; technology to remove stray wide angle light found on other flashlights, creating laser-like beam with range of 1 km. Recycling Light Technology doubles useable light output of conventional LEDs by collecting high angle light that would otherwise be wasted, and redirecting it into compact, brighter beam. Read More

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Wavien, Inc. Demonstrates a Long Throw Zoomable RLT Flashlight which Projects a GOBO Image On-Demand

January 10, 2014

VALENCIA, Calif. — Wavien, Inc. is demonstrating a high brightness, long throw zoomable RLT flashlight with the added ability to project a GOBO image on demand. This On-Demand GOBO flashlight functions as a standard zoomable LED flashlight, with the output improvements produced by Wavien's proprietary RLT technology. Additionally, on demand of the user, the flashlight will project a GOBO... Read More

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VOXX Accessories Corp. Launches Champ Line of Emergency-Preparedness Gear

January 10, 2014

Offering consumers helpful solutions for life's emergencies, big or small HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. and LAS VEGAS – LVCC, CENTRAL HALL, BOOTH 10404/10415 -- VOXX Accessories Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp. (NASDAQ: VOXX), announced today the launch of the Champ line of Emergency-Preparedness Gear, with the introduction of three exciting new products: the Survival... Read More

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New Product Is Pocket-Sized Triple Threat: IRT, NCV Detector, & Flashlight

December 10, 2013

Multiple Functions Mean Maximum Value New York, NY — The new, pocket-sized 4:1 IR Thermometer with NCV Detector Flashlight (VR40) [Patent Pending from General Tools & Instruments (General®) embodies innovation in several ways that benefit technicians, contractors and electricians. As an instrument with multiple functions—Infrared Thermometer (IRT), Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) detector and... Read More

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IR Thermometer includes NCV detector and flashlight.

December 4, 2013

Combining 4:1 infrared thermometer, non-contact voltage detector, and flashlight, Model VR40 is suited for HVACR professionals that need to determine temperature of heating or cooling coils, or detect overload currents in motors, electrical conduits, and junction boxes. Temperature readings are displayed from -4 to 626°F or -20 to 330°C on 4-digit LCD and automatically held for 15 sec. In addition, instrument offers voltage detection over 4 ranges of 12&ndash;25, 70&ndash;125, 150&ndash;240, and 250&ndash;600 Vac. Read More

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Explosionproof LED Flashlight offers 5 modes of operation.

August 26, 2013

UL and ATEX approved for hazardous location lighting, rechargeable EXP-LED-RL-FX5R is Class 1 Division 1 certified, built from impact-resistant ABS plastic, and fitted with shatterproof LEXAN lens. Forward mounted LEDs are used for standard operation, while group of 3 rear-facing LEDs are used for signaling and location beacon operating modes. Forward-facing LED lamp assembly is adjustable, allowing use as standard flashlight or to produce hands-free, angled beam. Read More

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Mini LED Floodlights produce over 140 lm.

August 21, 2013

Powered by three AAA batteries, WorkStar® Pocket Floodlights&trade; produce wide-angle, floodlight-style beam pattern that is most effective at range of 6 in. to 3 ft. and is completely free from dark spots or hot spots. Pen light-style tools have T6 anodized aluminum body with rubber O-ring seals on all threaded joints for water resistance. Tail cap switch is rated at 100,000 cycles and is sealed to avoid contamination. Suitable for inspection uses, lights clip into pocket and come in 3 finishes. Read More

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Portable LED Torch produces bright white light.

April 29, 2013

Weighing 0.03 kg and measuring 16 mm dia x 105 mm long, FZL-2110 produces bright white beam with 30° angle up to 50 m using Nichia LED with 50,000+ hr lifespan. This 1 W LED light emits 70 lm and offers brightness levels up to 2,400 lux at 1 m. Constructed of aluminum alloy with anodized finish, torch is IP54 rated for dust and water resistance and features pen clip design. Power is supplied by 1 AAA battery, which provides up to 10 hr run time. Read More

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UV Inspection Light facilitates bathroom inspections.

April 3, 2013

Using UV LED, WorkStar® 224 UV penlight (MXN00224) produces 240+ mW in 395&ndash;400 nm wavelength range to facilitate detection of urine and other bodily fluid stains in bathrooms of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions. T6 aluminum body has Type II violet anodizing, and water resistant design has threaded joints with rubber O-ring seals. Offering ON/OFF operation and momentary action position, inspection tool features sealed tailcap switch rated at 100,000 cycles. Read More

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Larson Electronics Offers Priority Program for Hurricane Sandy Storm Rebuild

November 16, 2012

Larson Electronics' Magnalight.com announced a priority order management program to assist in the clean-up effort for businesses and municipalities in New England and areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. With a wide area of temporary power and temporary lighting solutions for general area and hazardous are use, Larson Electronics products can help in rebuilding storm damaged areas by prioritizing... Read More

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Explosion Proof HID Flashlight has rechargeable battery.

November 16, 2012

Approved for Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations, ATX-20-SE Explosion Proof HID Flashlight produces 1,200 lumens with color temperature of 6,500 K, and throws light beam up to 2,500 ft long. Flashlight has 4,800 mAh Li-Ion battery allowing it to run for approximately 140 min on full charge. Aluminum body is covered with black anodized finish for durability and is sealed for IP68-rated waterproof protection. Unit is suitable for use by utilities and emergency responders. Read More

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Huntkey Partner Meet and Award Ceremony in Dubai

October 30, 2012

SHENZHEN, China - Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, hosted a partner meet and award ceremony on Oct. 17th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, together with its local distributor, TwinMOS Technologies Middle East LLC (TwinMOS).<4444>During the meeting, TwinMOS launched the whole series of Huntkey's products, including power supplies, universal notebook adapters,... Read More

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LED Flashlight features intrinsically safe design.

July 23, 2012

Class 1 Division 1 compliant, explosion proof Model EXP-LED-FX2 is suitable for use as inspection or work light in locations where flammable gases, vapors, and chemicals present explosion or fire hazard. Waterproof flashlight is constructed with ABS plastic housing, shatterproof LEXAN lens, and non-slip grip. LEDs produce 160 lumens with up to 14 hrs of runtime on single set of AAA alkaline batteries. Dual mode operation includes 80 lumen spotlight and 80 lumen floodlight. Read More

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Rechargeable Ultraviolet Flashlight utilizes 20 W HID bulb.

June 7, 2012

Featuring explosion proof design, Model EPL-UV-20W-G2 is constructed with aluminum body, internal ballast, deep anodized finish, and rubber lens and end caps for resistance to drops and impacts. Included 355 Nm UV cutoff lens tightens UV output of bulb to produce 200 ft long UV light beam. Users can also switch UV lens with included clear lens to produce normal visible light beam. Powered by removable 2,600 mAh lithium ion battery pack, flashlight will operate for 90 minutes on single charge. Read More

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Extendable LED Flashlight with Magnetic Ends

April 23, 2012

The Extendable Magnetic Flashlight Kit includes an innovative inspection mirror that connects magnetically to the lighted end of the EMF and easily adjusts to any angle.<4444>A handy pocket clip keeps your EMF where you need it when you need it!<4444>The grip end of the EMF has a new extra powerful magnet that holds it securely, even to a vertical surface.<4444>If you would like more information... Read More

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Handheld Rechargeable HID Light offers various lens options.

January 20, 2012

Featuring vibration-resistant, 35 W HID bulb that outputs 3,200 lm with 4300K color temperature, Magnalight R-11 produces beam that reaches 3,000+ ft in standard spotlight configuration. Portable and waterproof unit, powered via Li-ion battery pack that provides 90 min of run time per charge, can connect to external 12-24 Vdc power source and comes with snap-on diffuser lens for converting to flood mode. Available R-11-IRF IR conversion lens lets users convert spotlight to IR output. Read More