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ChromaLuxe Achieves Three Times the Print Display Permanence Rating Compared to Silver-Halide Color Papers

September 22, 2016

Latest generation ChromaLuxe® aluminum sublimation photo panels printed with Epson UltraChrome DS and Sawgrass Photo XF inks achieve Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. (WIR) Display Permanence Ratings that are more than three times better than current silver-halide photo papers. LAS VEGAS - (SGIA EXPO, BOOTH #3031) - ChromaLuxe today announced a major advancement in photographic printing... Read More

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Beverage Label Papers attract attention to bottles on shelves.

September 2, 2016

Available in 4 finishes and multiple basis weights from 52–70 lb, CraftPoint™ pressure-sensitive and cut-and-stack beverage label papers help craft beers, spirits, and wines stand out on shelf and in cooler. CraftPoint Canvas features rustic texture with soft, tactile finish, while CraftPoint Matte has matte finish with low gloss. CraftPoint Gloss offers medium gloss finish that provides clean, wet look, while CraftPoint Reflections provides high gloss with mirror-like finish. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

OGR Paper suits microwave popcorn bag applications.

August 19, 2016

With oil and grease resistance (OGR), GlazeArmor™ Micro provides aggressive grease holdout for inner and outer ply layers of microwave popcorn bags. This bleached, uncoated, machine-glazed paper offers kit grease resistance levels ranging from Kit 6–12 while supporting runnability and performance for high-speed bag converting and popcorn packing and filling operations. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Release Liner Papers target hygiene and medical applications.

July 14, 2016

Available in variety of light basis weights (3,000 sq-ft) ranging from 17–43 lb, GlazeSil™ uncoated, machine glazed release liner papers offer smooth, uniform surface. Papers are engineered for healthcare applications such as diaper tape release, feminine care, incontinence, and personal care products. Read More

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Tape and Packaging Papers meet needs of diverse applications.

June 30, 2016

Designed as base paper for industrial tape end-uses, GlazeTape consists of water-activated and paint-masking tape base papers for diverse applications in multiple industries. GlazeWrap, also available, offers lightweight uncoated machine-glazed (MG) papers utilized as lightweight laminating base papers for food and medical flexible packaging applications. GlazeWrap includes basis weights as low as 14.8 lb (3,000 ft²), complementing ranges up to 40 lb (3000 ft²). Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Fully Renewable Cup Stock has bio-based polyethylene coating.

June 8, 2016

Suited for hot and cold applications, fully renewable cup stock with sugarcane-based polyethylene coating allows for conversion by companies into cold cups (soft drinks and other cold beverages) and hot cups (coffee and other hot beverages) without requiring any changes to their existing manufacturing process. This fiber-based (paperboard) product runs dependably and seamlessly. Read More

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Oil and Grease Resistant Papers target foodservice industry.

June 6, 2016

Featuring oil and grease resistant levels ranging from Kit 5 to Kit 8, GlazeGuard™ Papers are suited for sandwich and deli wraps, foodservice liners, microwave popcorn bags, and laminated food pouches. Lightweight, uncoated machine-glazed papers, offering several basis weights ranging from 15.5–33 lb (3,000 sq-ft), provide optimized runnability and converting performance as well as multiple PFOA-free chemistries. Read More

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Digital Coated Paper is designed for durability, tear resistance.

April 19, 2016

Featuring heavyweight, tear-resistant poly between 2 layers of Sterling® Premium Digital™, Sterling Premium Digital Tough Tear serves applications requiring more strength than traditional paper product. This 3-ply, 108 lb (10 pt) laminate, which prints and converts like paper without any need for additional processes, delivers optimal performance on dry toner printers, color and black-and-white laser printers, HP Indigo, and digital offset technologies. Read More

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Verso Expands Blazer Digital® Coated Paper Line

April 15, 2016

Verso Aligns Product Offering to Meet Needs of Digital Press Owners MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Verso Corporation (OTCPink: VRSZQ), a leading producer of digital coated papers, today announced the expansion of its Blazer Digital® economy digital coated paper line to include 65 lb. gloss and satin covers available in 19" x 13" and 18" x 12" stocking sizes. These new sizes are in stock and readily... Read More

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Digital Coated Papers meet high-speed, personalized print needs.

April 15, 2016

Intended for production inkjet presses, Sterling® Ultra TrueJet® incorporates offset-like coating that meets expectations for runnability and durability on high-speed inkjet presses. Product line includes 80 and 100 lb gloss and matte text, 75 lb (7 pt) and 92 lb (9 pt) gloss cover, and 75 lb (9 pt.) and 92 lb matte cover variants. In addition to being caliper guaranteed, 7 and 9 pt variants meet USPS minimum requirements for direct mail. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

International Magnaproducts Sells "Magic" Paper

April 7, 2016

"Magic" Green Magnetic Viewer Paper, that is. Many years ago, a company located in Vandalia, Ohio worked with National Cash Register and invented this integral tool for the magnetics industry. Suddenly, flux lines and the "Neutral Zone" were visible to the eye, and multi-pole magnets were defined by an easy to use visual aid that anyone could utilize and work with. You no longer needed a degree... Read More

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High-Speed Inkjet Paper supports pigment-based inks.

April 7, 2016

Intended for sheet-fed inkjet presses that use pigment aqueous inks, Triumph™ Coated Ultra Brite-Matte High-Speed Inkjet Paper features brightness and opacity of 96 and 98, respectively, ensuring optimized image contrast and minimized show-through. Paper is available in 7 pt (160 GSM, 278 PPI) matte finish sheets with quick-dry surface that provides smear resistance. Pure-white color offers optimal smoothness that delivers uniform print density, sharp lines, and even solids. Read More

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ClubStak high-strength Cartons Offer Snack Foods Performance-oriented Alternative to Corrugated for Warehouse Club, Mass Market Retail Packaging

March 21, 2016

Bala Cynwyd, Pa.  - With an ever-expanding definition of what constitutes a snack food item, it is becoming increasingly important for brand owners to rethink their packaging approach. In fact, a recent Associated Press article made the bold statement that “there are no meals anymore, only snacks.” To help snack food brands differentiate themselves and improve the customer experience,... Read More

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Heavyweight Packaging suits coated one-side applications.

February 9, 2016

Available in 70, 80, and 95 lb, LusterCote® Packaging is suited for wide range of coated one-side applications, including litho labels, envelopes, book dust jackets, set up boxes, and point-of-purchase displays. Packaging offers optimized performance for Offset, Flexographic, and Gravure printing, including wide-format, multi-color sheetfed presses. It also delivers optimized ink holdout with both conventional and UV curable inks as well as variety of aqueous coatings. Read More

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Inkjet Paper offers uniform print density and sharp lines.

January 26, 2016

Intended for roll-fed high-speed inkjet presses using pigment aqueous inks, Appvion Triumph™ Treated Ultra P High-Speed Inkjet Paper supports high-color, direct mail, commercial and transpromotional applications. Paper needs no on-press pretreatment or bonding agents and is quick-drying for smear resistance. Acid-free and elemental chlorine free, paper is available in white and cream in 24# bond (60# text), and in white in 20#, 28#, 32#, and 38# bond (7 pt). Read More

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Uncoated Opaque Paper performs reliably, consistently.

December 17, 2015

Offering reliable and consistent performance throughout every stage of print production, Starbrite® Opaque Select features 96 brightness as well as opacity, fiber formation, and smooth finish that lend to sharp ink contrast. This FSC® Chain of Custody-certified uncoated opaque paper, offered in matching smooth text and cover and in full basis weight range in standard sizes, also comes in skid and package options to meet all printing needs. Read More

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Sappi North America Announces Flo® Sheet and Flo® Digital Coated Paper Now 90 Bright

November 23, 2015

90 Brightness in Flo Sheets and Flo Digital promise outstanding detail and color vibrancy for printed campaigns and projects BOSTON - Sappi North America, a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper and packaging products, today announced it has increased the brightness of its Flo Sheet and Flo Digital coated paper to 90. A customer favorite for its accurate color reproduction,... Read More

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Bring The Heat! A Thermal Month with 3M Wrap-Up

November 4, 2015

This week officially wraps up our Thermal Management month with 3M. Throughout the last several weeks, we have focused on how important Thermal Management is in the development of various electronic devices that need to control the amount of heat that is being produced by them.  As the demands on electrical components increase, 3M offers insulating and protecting products that are... Read More

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Photographic Papers offer optimized archival properties.

October 28, 2015

Developed for users who exhibit and sell prints, Epson Legacy Papers utilize microporous inkjet receiver layer to produce deep rich blacks, expanded color gamut, and smooth tonal gradations with image permanence. Legacy Platine and Legacy Fibre are 100% cotton fiber papers with OBA-free, satin and matte finishes, respectively. Legacy Baryta is baryta paper with white, smooth satin finish utilizing 2 barium sulfate coatings. Legacy Etching is 100% cotton fiber with OBA-free, textured matte finish. Read More

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Sappi Highlights Comprehensive Solutions at Pack Expo 2015

September 30, 2015

Innovative speciality papers and boards offer more benefits to the US packaging market BOSTON, – Sappi today announced that it will be showing its full range of speciality and packaging grades as one of the leading global companies supporting the packaging industry at the 2015 Pack Expo exhibition in Las Vegas September 28-30(th), Booth # S-6287. Sappi is committed to offering customers... Read More