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Portable Fuse Cutter feature automatic cleaner.

Sep 19, 2017

Portable Fuse Cutter can cut 1/32 in. to 1/16 in. cable. Unit comes with tool box consisting of accessories and prevents cable fraying. Product can cut and fuse aircraft cable in seconds. Fuse cutter comes with internal fan which prevents overheating.

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Hydraulic Chain Saws are equipped with 10 HP motor.

Sep 13, 2017

Series 5 1030 Hydraulic Chain Saws are available with cutting capacity of 11 in., 15 in., 17 in., 21 in., 25 in., 28 in. or 40 in. Units feature chain brake, .404 in. pitch super chisel saw chain and carbide-tipped saw chains. Offering vibration level of 3.6 m/s² and noise level of 87 dB, products come with accessories such as clamp (P/N 5 1030 9300) for cutting pipes up to 27 in. and splash... Read More

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GX Tiger·tec® CVD Grooving and Parting Grades come with silver flank face.

Sep 08, 2017

GX Tiger·tec® Silver CVD Grooving and Parting Grades are offered in WKP13S, WKP23S and WKP33S models. These unit’s Silver CVD coating features aluminum oxide for maximum crater wear resistance and improved cutting speed. The WKP13S model is used in high alloy, bearing and carbon steels whereas WKP33S offers maximum toughness. WKP23S Universal grade is used in application ranging from... Read More

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GlobalMAX® Abrasive Waterjet is embedded with Intelli-MAX software.

Sep 04, 2017

GlobalMAX® Abrasive Waterjets are offered in OMAX 80X, MAXIEM 1530 and GlobalMAX 1508 models. Suitable for reflective and nonconductive materials, unit’s software supports 90 different part file formats, standard 2D DXF files and 3D shapes. OMAX 80X jetmachining center comes with a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head and 50hp EnduroMAX pump. MAXIEM 1530 features A-Jet cutting head and 40hp pump.... Read More

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BLM Group USA to Feature New Tube Fabricating Solutions at FABTECH 2017

Aug 30, 2017

Novi, MI - BLM GROUP USA, (, a global leader in the manufacture of tube processing solutions will display its wide range of equipment at FABTECH 2017 in booth #B11010 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The company will feature its new LT8.10 fiber laser tube cutting system, along with its series of highly efficient and productive tube... Read More

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Power Pipe Beveler is equipped with 4 Amp Lithium-Ion battery.

Aug 26, 2017

Cordless Power Pipe Beveler is used to bevel plastic pipe of 2 in. and larger diameter. Suitable for PVC glued joints, bell and gasket joints, unit’s kit consists of beveler attachment which is powered by a 22,000 RPM, 18V cordless die grinder. Product comes with RBIT1 which is a four flute carbide router bit and cuts a 15° external bevel up to 5/8 in. long. Beveler features an optional... Read More

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Hard Wire Cutter Cuts Both Ends Perfectly Square

Aug 23, 2017

An ergonomic hard wire flush cutter that features retaining clamps that hold the wire securely and perpendicular to the jaws to assure square cuts to both ends is available from Xuron Corp. of Saco, Maine.

The Xuron® Model 2193F Hard Wire Cutter features self-adjusting clamping fixtures which hold the wire being cut securely and perpendicular to the robust cutter jaws for a clean cut... Read More

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Wire and Tube Processing System comes with 100 programmable jobs.

Aug 19, 2017

M700 Modular Series Wire and Tube Processing System is designed to cut wire and tubing material using multiple style cutting modules. Unit operates in an input power range of 100 - 240 VAC at 50/60Hz. Product is offered in M700F feeder, M700TW tube and wire cutter, M700ST small tube cutter and M700LT large tube cutter modules. M700TW uses a pneumatic guillotine style cutter head whereas M700ST... Read More

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M2136 Finishing Cutter features Torx Plus screws.

Aug 18, 2017

M2136 Multi-Tooth Close Pitch Finishing Cutter’s inserts are available in B67 and D67 variants. Unit is offered in diameters ranging from 50 to 160 mm. Product comes with Walter's Tiger•tec® silver coating in three CVD coated grades such as WAK15, WKP25S and WKP35S. B67 insert produces maximum cutting-edge stability whereas D67 is suitable for universal applications. M2136 features... Read More

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Laser Engraving System features LaserStar’s operating software.

Aug 18, 2017

FiberStar Compact Laser Engraving System is suitable for serial numbers, bar codes, identification text, corporate logos, colors and textures, 2D and 3D contours, graphic and digital images applications. Unit comes with coordinated rotary motion devices.

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ByStar Fiber Laser Cutter is embedded with tube cutting software module.

Aug 11, 2017

ByStar Fiber Laser Cutter can be equipped with integrated rotary axis. Unit comes with hatch and sliding doors. Product can process tubes with a diameter between 1.25 in. and 12.5 in. Laser cutter features rotary axis box which enables tubes of length 10 ft to be fed in the hatch for processing.

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ADRF Launches 600 MHz Compliant Low PIM 4.3-10 Passive Components to Help Clients Maximize ROI on Every DAS Implementation and Upgrade

Aug 01, 2017

Line of Components Provides Greater Capacity and Superior Performance; Features PIM Rating of -161 dBc @ 2 x 20W

BURBANK, Calif., July 31, 2017 - Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), the largest pure-play in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provider for public safety and commercial radio frequencies, today announces their new line of low PIM 4.3-10 passive components,... Read More

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R220.88 Face Milling Cutter features inserts with eight cutting edges.

Jul 25, 2017

R220.88 Face Milling Cutter is compatible with SNMU inserts which are fastened with center lock screw. Unit is designed for roughing and semi-finishing applications. Product’s body is made of Idun material and offered in diameters ranging from 2.00 in. to 6.00 in. with size 12 insert and 3.00 in. to 6.00 in. with size 16 insert. Equipped with wiper flat, cutter’s body offers 88-degree lead... Read More

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M4003 Face Milling Cutter comes with positive geometry inserts.

Jul 19, 2017

Featuring multi-faceted insert design for improving level of production, M4003 Face Milling Cutter is available in of 20-160 mm diameter with cylindrical shank and shell mill mount. Offering 45° approach angle, unit comes with SD 09T3 and SD 1204 inserts with depth cut of up to 4.5/6.5 mm. 

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Kett Shears Cut Metal Without Distortion; Extends Material Usage

Jul 13, 2017

CINCINNATI, Ohio – (July 12, 2017) – Kett Tool Company helps body shop owners, metal fabricators and bus, car and truck repair experts conserve materials with the double cutting action of the KD-442 Double-Cut Shears. When cutting cold rolled (C.R.) mild steel and stainless steel, the double cut action of the KD-442 easily transfers any distortion produced in cutting to a waste strip,... Read More

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MINI Analog Pro Signal Splitter can isolate inputs and outputs to 3 kV.

Jul 12, 2017

Offering maximum of 600 Ω load per output, MINI Analog Pro Signal Splitter duplicates the analog input value. Accepting analog signals in 0-12 V DC and 0-24 mA ranges, the output can be configured within 0-10.5 V DC and 0-21 mA ranges independently. Providing fine 0.01 mA and 0.0005 V output increments, the splitter comes in a 6.2 mm wide housing. Units can be operated in -40 to +70 degrees... Read More

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Parting-Off Blades feature adjustable edge heights.

Jul 11, 2017

Designed to fit VDI Turrets, 150.10 JETI Family Parting-Off Blades with VDI block design offer streamlined delivery of high-pressure coolant to cutting zones. Combination of blades and adapters is used for removing heat during parting-off operations, unit’s coolant holes allows the transfer of coolant to cutting zone via turret. HSS parting off blades are available in 20 mm and 25 mm... Read More

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OMAX Highlights Waterjet’s Composite Cutting Capabilities at CAMX 2017

Jul 08, 2017

KENT, Wash., July 07, 2017 - At CAMX 2017, OMAX® Corporation will highlight the benefits and advantages of using their abrasive waterjets to machine composites and advanced materials in booth E48. Waterjet experts will discuss how recent advancements in waterjet technology have made these machines extremely precise and require minimal set-up time, even when cutting complex geometries.

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OPTIPLEX Laser-Cutting System comes with PreviewG Control digital drive package.

Jul 07, 2017

Featuring 2 pallet changer design with helical rack and pinion positioning system, OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber III 8kW Laser-Cutting System is equipped with Multi-Function Torch with sensors for monitoring piercing and cutting operations. Integrating Intelligent Setup and Monitoring Functions, unit’s PreviewG control comes with 19 in. LCD touch screen. Product is designed to use with Mazak’s... Read More

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MultiCam To Partner With Germany-Based Company IHT Automation

Jul 07, 2017

DALLAS, July 6, 2017 - MultiCam Inc., a U.S.-based CNC machinery manufacturer is excited to announce IHT Oxy-Fuel torches can now be fully integrated onto the MultiCam 6000 Series CNC Plasma.

The MultiCam 6000 Series features a bridge & rail design for large process heavy plate production. It combines a 0 to 45-degree beveled Plasma torch along with up to eight Acetylene (Oxy-Fuel)... Read More