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Embossing System utilizes 316 stainless steel markers.

July 17, 2015

Programmed using TagPrint® Pro software and PC, M-BOSS Compact provides metal plate embossing for durable identification in hazardous and extreme environments. System comes with or without organizer, which can be programmed to hold variety of marker plates, funneling them to storage carousel after embossing. Available in 4 sizes, markers allow for up to 69 characters of printed text, numbers, and symbols on pipes, cables, and equipment. Cooling system enables 8–10 hr of continuous printing. Read More

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Letterpress Papers include 90 lb cover and digital finish.

May 3, 2012

With CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers, designers and printers can combine letterpress with digital on same project, showcasing texture of paper with multiple methods including engraving, offset, embossing, and foil stamping. Papers are available in all 3 colors of brand, including Fluorescent White, Pearl White, and Ecru White. Tree-free papers are made from cotton linters, which are recognized by EPA as recovered fiber and can be recycled with traditional paper. Read More

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Metal Embosser suits industrial marking applications.

December 23, 2010

Supporting various matrix sizes to suit any metal tag application, ME2000 DM produces 2D Data Matrix(TM) codes with up to 64 readable characters at speeds to 115 tags/hr. Functionality allows alpha numeric data to be marked in smaller area of metal tag, while up to 60% of barcode can be obscured and still read accurately. Accommodating harsh environments, 2D bar code is readable even after processes such as heat treating, sandblasting, and painting. Read More

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Modules and Tools enable Braille embossing.

October 30, 2009

Used inline at printing press or offline in converting system, Embossing Modules and Tools are applicable for both web and sheet fed processes, in wide variety of materials including paper, board, and laminates. Braille set is comprised of negative segment that includes all possible 288 Braille positions and positive segment, which holds changing Braille embossing patterns. Read More

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Tabletop Printer/Debosser handles range of flat materials.

March 20, 2009

Printing, coding, and debossing systems of 975 Series accommodate range of flat products - blister cards, tyvek pouches, sleeves, labels, envelopes, cartons, discs - with dimensions from 1.5-14 x 1-13 x 0.075-0.187 in. Designed for short- and long-run imprinting, products are available with debossing, hot roller coding, flexographic plate printing, or ink jet coding capabilities. They can print horizontal or vertically at speeds up to 150 cpm. Read More

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Punch/Shear Machine features 96 punching stations.

October 27, 2008

Featuring stationary multi-press head and built-in shear, Model S4X eliminates in-cycle stops for tool changes that limit turret press processing speeds. Manipulator is powered by 2 pairs of rotary electric motors. First pair employs rack and pinion kinematics driven by handover control logic, while second pair uses 2 ball bearing screws directed by gantry control logic to position sheet. All 96 punching tool stations are live and ready to simultaneously punch, countersink, and emboss parts. Read More

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Seal features tamper-evident hasp.

January 19, 2007

Housed in clear acrylic jacket that reveals tampering, weather-resistant Model XPC-2 is available with 0.047 in. dia galvanized spring wire or 0.047 in. dia stainless steel spring wire. Hasp can be scored for removal by hand, or unscored for removal with cutters. Seal can be heat stamped with company name and logo, as well as color coded and consecutively numbered up to 7 digits. One-piece design protects printing and numbers. Read More

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Multi-Purpose Press provides forces from 1,000-3,150 kN.

August 8, 2006

Designed for drawing, embossing, and hydroforming, ODEN Press features modular design with accessibility to various components for service and maintenance. LOGOS graphical operator interface facilitates programming of sequences and entry of operating data, while load-sensing hydraulics enable several cylinders to be activated simultaneously and controlled independently of one another. Frame is welded in single piece, contributing to strength of press. Read More

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