Air Conditioning Systems


Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners come in 3-phase models.

September 26, 2016

Part of York® LX Series, 14 SEER THE Split System Heat Pumps and TCD Air Conditioners support 3-phase, 230/460 V light-commercial applications. Available in 2.5–5 ton models, systems use R-410A refrigerant and employ condenser coils constructed from copper tubing and aluminum fins. Post-painted steel coil guards with extruded louvers eliminate sharp edges while protecting coils from external damage. To prevent corrosion and fading, cabinet is post-painted with automotive grade powder-coat paint. Read More


Packaged Heat Pumps, A/C Units minimize installation effort.

September 20, 2016

Champion® 10 ton XX packaged heat pumps and 3–5 ton ZQ 14 SEER air conditioning units, offered as part of Direct Replacement rooftop solution, feature exact-fit replacement design that matches footprints of other manufacturers' units. Furthermore, installation time and complexity are reduced by eliminating need for curb adapter. Simplicity® Smart Equipment™, included, facilitates system setup, optimization, and monitoring, while optional MAP Gateway enables access via mobile/remote device. Read More


Rheem And Fujitsu General Limited Announce Strategic Collaboration

September 15, 2016

Companies will collaborate to expand their U.S.-focused HVAC ATLANTA - Fujitsu General Limited and Rheem today announced a strategic collaboration that will expand the heating and cooling product portfolios for both companies. Ducted central air conditioning systems account for approximately 90 percent of the U.S. residential HVAC market (source: AHRI). However, in recent years, the demand... Read More


Rooftop Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners facilitate unit replacement.

September 15, 2016

Coleman Peak rooftop replacement solutions offer 10-ton XX packaged heat pumps as well as 3- to 5-ton ZQ 14 SEER air conditioning units. Exact-fit replacement design, which matches units to footprints of other manufacturers’ units, also reduces installation time/complexity by eliminating need for curb adapter Standard on all Peak gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump packaged configurations, Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ control system aids system setup, optimization, and monitoring. Read More


Heat Pumps and AC Systems offer exact-fit replacement design.

September 12, 2016

Available as 10-ton XX packaged heat pumps and 3–5 ton ZQ 14 SEER air conditioning units, Luxaire® Eclipse™ Rooftop Replacement Units match footprints of other manufacturers’ units and minimize installation time by eliminating need for curb adapter. Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ control system facilitates system setup, optimization, and monitoring. With optional Mobile Access Portal Gateway, users can access Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or remote PC. Read More


Rooftop Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners offer exact-fit replacement.

September 9, 2016

York® Direct Fit™ rooftop replacement solutions include 10 ton XX packaged heat pumps and 3–5 ton ZQ 14 SEER air conditioning units. Exact-fit replacement design matches units to footprints of other manufacturers' units; eliminating curb adapter reduces installation time and complexity. Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ control system, standard on all Direct Fit gas/electric, electric/electric, and heat pump packaged configurations, facilitates setup, optimization, and monitoring. Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

East Hartford, Connecticut to Host Modine Innovation Tour

September 2, 2016

Cutting-edge HVAC manufacturer to host hands-on event with the latest in HVAC technology and continuing education courses in East Hartford on September 8 RACINE, Wis. - Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a leader in technology in the HVAC industry, will be in East Hartford, Connecticut, on Thursday, September 8 at Cabela's, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., for their latest stop in the... Read More

Controls & Controllers, HVAC

Laird's Liquid Cooling Systems and Temperature Controllers Designed for Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

August 29, 2016

Laird’s comprehensive thermal management solutions deliver complete cooling systems with precise temperature control and stability for semiconductor process equipment... August 23, 2016 - Global technology leader Laird (LRD: London) has developed custom cooling and temperature control systems for semiconductor fabrication equipment. The critical production tools used in semiconductor... Read More


Residential Heating/Cooling Units deliver operational consistency.

August 29, 2016

With 2-stage compressors and 2-stage gas heating, Coleman® 16 SEER LX Series PCG6 residential package equipment delivers 16 SEER/12.5 EER (12.0 EER for 5 ton models) cooling efficiency and 9.0 HSPF heat pump heating efficiency. Gas heating models offer 81% AFUE efficiency. All units are ENERGY STAR® qualified and designed for facilitated installation, operation, and service with bottom or side utility connections, removable access panels, and slide-out tin-coated evaporator. Read More


DENSO Products and Services Americas Inks Deal with Tiffin Motorhomes

August 16, 2016

LONG BEACH, Calif., Aug. 11, 2016 - DENSO Product and Services Americas announces an agreement with Tiffin Motorhomes to supply RV dash air-conditioning (AC) systems for installation in Tiffin's entire line of Class A motorhomes. This announcement is a result of a strategic partnership established with Tiffin over the last year. The DENSO products being installed into Tiffin Motorhomes... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, HVAC, Services

Mersen to Exhibit During ITEC 2016 (IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Exhibition), June 27-29, 2016

June 17, 2016

NEWBURYPORT, MA - Mersen will be showcasing its broad line of power management solutions for the rapidly evolving Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV) and Electrical Energy Storage (EES) markets during the ITEC 2016 (IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Exhibition), June 27th – 29th in Dearborn, Michigan.          Mersen’s expert team of application specialists will be on hand... Read More


Rooftop HVAC Units exceed ASHRAE 90.1 standards.

June 15, 2016

Available in 50-65 ton cooling capacities, TempMaster® OmniElite™ Single Package Units feature double-wall construction, which helps prevent insulation fibers from entering conditioned air and facilitates periodic cleaning to prevent buildup of bacteria or contaminants. Systems are equipped with scroll compressors, variable speed drives, single-point power connection, and fully modulating gas heat. When outdoor air is cool and dry, airside economizer enables compressor-free cooling. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, HVAC, Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Grimanesa Amorós Studio Chooses EIC Solutions Air Conditioned Enclosures for Art Installation

May 10, 2016

Grimanesa Amorós was born in Lima, Peru and lives and works in New York City. She is an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research and critical theory, which have greatly influenced her work. Her art incorporates elements from sculpture, video, lighting, and technology to create site-specific installations to engage architecture and... Read More


Thermoelectric Air Conditioners are CE Certified.

May 10, 2016

Delivering 2,500 BTU cooling output with power draw of 4.6 A at 240 Vac, ThermoTEC™ 151 Series is suitable for cooling electronic and electrical controls, instruments, computer terminals, printers, cameras, and telecommunications equipment. NEMA 4X units are CE Certified, ensuring very low levels of radiated emissions and making air conditioners suitable for use around sensitive electronics where electrical interference is a concern. Read More

HVAC, Health, Medical and Dental Supplies & Equipment

Portable Air Conditioners keep diverse environments cool.

May 2, 2016

Mounted on casters to facilitate transport, positioning, and installation, HVAC Brain Kwikool portable air conditioning units come in capacities to meet needs of commercial and industrial applications. Units can be used to meet short-term needs or operated on continuous basis for primary or supplementary air conditioning. Capacities and performance ranges from 1.1–10 ton and 13.700–120,000 Btu suit server rooms, offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial plants.
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Cooling Seat, Fans keep forklift operators safe from summer heat.

April 26, 2016

Placed on seat or back of seat, COOLTROLLER Dual Fan Cooling Forklift Seat Cushion moves air continuously to cool driver's bottom or back. This 16 x 16 in. seat features 2 input fans and heavy-duty bamboo platelets for dispersing air. Mounted to overhead guard in front, behind, or beside operator, 8 x 3.5 x 5.5 in. COOLTROLLER Double Headed Operator Cooling Fans have low-noise (<45 dB) design. Each fan head is independently adjustable (360°, horizontal and vertical). Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, HVAC

Cabinet Coolers resist heat and corrosion.

April 13, 2016

Available with cooling capacities of 275 and 550 Btu/hr, Small 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler® Systems keep electrical enclosures cool with 20°F air while resisting heat and corrosion that could adversely affect internal components. Units mount through standard electrical knockout while maintaining NEMA 12, 4, or 4X rating of enclosure. Automatic drain filter separator ensures no moisture passes to inside of enclosure, while optional thermostat keeps enclosure at ±2°F of temperature setting. Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Sealed Enclosure Coolers protect sensitive equipment.

April 13, 2016

Available in 3 versions, Sealed Enclosure Coolers dissipate heat inside enclosures or cabinets that protect electrical/electronic equipment from harmful environments. HSC Series utilizes air impingement technology, while HPC Series is based on heat pipe heat exchanger technology and advanced fin features. LNC Series utilizes HSC-style air impingement heat sink to collect heat from hot inside air and larger extruded heat sink to dissipate heat to outside ambient via natural convection. Read More


New 10 Ton Roll and Cool

April 11, 2016

All American Portable Air recently introduced a new 10 to Roll and Cool DX unit to its inventory fleet. The 120,000 BTU unit operates on 208v/3p/50A power and contains a digital thermostate which controls both heat and air.  The unit is 5'4" W, 8'2" L and 5'10"H and weighs 1000 pounds.  The unit sits on four  foam filled pneumatic casters and rolls easily through most doors.  It... Read More


Danfoss: the Smart Store Solution

April 5, 2016

With increasing competition and decreasing margins, food retailers are searching for new ways to secure profitability. Danfoss, a leading producer of cooling solutions, has launched the Smart Store solution, which allows retailers to achieve optimal performance and save money on energy. Energy consumption is one of the biggest cost drivers in supermarkets. Danfoss Smart Store solution... Read More