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Ballistic Composite Materials suit body and vehicle armor.

October 29, 2010

Designed to lighten load of soldiers and vehicles, Spectra Shield® II SR 3136 and SR 3137 withstand variety of threats, including armor-piercing rounds, improvised explosive devices, and explosively formed projectiles. Composite materials incorporate Spectra® fiber, which is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene using gelspinning process. In addition to chemical, water, and UV... Read More

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Raytheon-Boeing Team Successfully Completes Second Government-Funded JAGM Test

September 15, 2010

Raytheon-Boeing Team Successfully Completes Second Government-Funded JAGM Test WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M. -- Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN) and The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) completed the second of three government-sponsored firings of the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile. The JAGM used its imaging infrared (IIR) guidance system to hit an armored vehicle target at 4 kilometers (2.5 statute miles).... Read More

Explosives, Armaments, and Weaponry

Automatic Multi-Target Video Tracker has ruggedized design.

April 14, 2010

Effective against full spectrum of targets, ADEPT5000 detects and tracks targets in real-time across full range of military/aerospace electro-optical system applications. Performance is optimized via multi-target tracking engine and signature-based pre-processors, which can discriminate stationary/moving targets from atmospheric challenges. Resulting signals passed to sophisticated algorithms for... Read More

Explosives, Armaments, and Weaponry

Cannon System offers optimal recoil stroke capacity.

September 15, 2009

With various vehicle mount and feed configurations, 30/40mm Mk44 Bushmaster accommodates integration into various ground combat vehicles. Options include traditional bayonet mount featuring single recoil damper and linked feeder or bespoke integral mount featuring dual recoil dampers and linkless feeder. Latter is driven from cannon's integral electric motor and feeder gearing, eliminating need... Read More

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Inspection System inspects cannons, mortars, and howitzers.

May 29, 2009

Along with centering devices for 57, 60, 81, 105, 120, and 155 mm bores, iShot M4(TM) Gun Tube Inspection System includes dual view camera head, camera controller console, 4 GB CF card, armored 25 foot camera cable, and 17 ft telescoping push pole, all in rugged waterproof carrying case with all necessary video cables. Front view camera has fixed focus with 115° field of view, while side view... Read More