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Active Stylus delivers precise handwriting.

January 12, 2015

Suitable for smartphones, tablets, and notebooks, maXStylus mXTS220 utilizes capacitive touchscreen controller and does not require additional sensor layer, such as EMR technology. Unit works with narrow tip of 1 mm while offering accuracy of ±0.25 mm. Stylus also provides advanced gesturing, palm rejection, and pressure sensing capability up to 1,024 pressure levels to optimize writing/drawing experience. With 2-way architecture, stylus can detect various noise sources so they can be avoided. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Software

Haptic 3D Stylus suits digital design and virtual gaming.

January 8, 2015

Supplied with OpenHaptics Software Developer Kit, Touch™ Haptic 3D Stylus includes Cubify® Sculpt™ virtual sculpting software which transforms 3D modeling from complex, skills-centric design experience to simple sculpting for artists, students, designers, and hobbyists. Touch delivers precise positioning input and instant force feedback that mimics sense of physical sculpting. By providing access to all 3 dimensions, Touch lets users fully manipulate design. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Automatic ID

Handwritten Note Product uses digital writing technology.

December 4, 2006

Combining handwritten note product with note delivery service, Notegram allows realtors, sales professionals, and financial advisors to write on pad of Notegram notes with digital pen and dock pen in USB cradle for note retrieval. Customer then specifies to whom and when note should be sent and form it should take: e-card, email, or physical mailing. Notegram Service than delivers note in the manner and time requested and notifies user when note has been sent. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Personal Digital Pen records what is written for download.

September 8, 2003

Logitech 10 ball-point pen uses optical sensor to capture everything user writes or draws, including notes, sketches, e-mail, calendar, and things-to-do-lists, and allows them to be downloaded to computer. Once downloaded, software automatically sorts notes into user-selected boxes for organization and retrieval. E-mail is sent, and calendar and things-to-do-lists are added to electronic organizer. Pen stores up to 40 pages between transfer. Read More

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