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G-4 LED replaces traditional halogen lamps.

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G-4 LED replaces traditional halogen lamps.

February 15, 2013 - Designed for 12 V usage, Planar Z-G4-10WW is operational from 8–25 Vac/Vdc. Ten 5050-sized SMD LEDs provide 120 lm while consuming 2.2 W. Back-pin orientation is useful for down-light fixture application, existing enclosures with horizontal light placement, mini-flood display lighting, and exhibit case illumination. With 3,600°K temperature and low heat generation, Planar G-4 LED is suitable for architectural, marine, RV, landscape, and gaming uses.

JKL Components Corporation - Pacoima, CA

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Planar G-4 LED Available from JKL Components

Press release date: February 1, 2013

PACOIMA, CA -- JKL Components Corporation, a leading lighting technology provider, introduces a new addition to its two pin LED series. The new planar Z-G4-10WW is a versatile G-4 solution for designers and technicians who wish to replace traditional halogen lamps. Designed for 12 Volt usage, they are operational from 8-25 Volts AC or DC. The Planar G-4 provides a back pin orientation which is especially useful for down-light fixture application, existing enclosures that are designed for horizontal light placement, mini flood display lighting and exhibit case illumination.

Ten 5050-sized SMD LEDs provide 120 lumens while consuming only 2.2 Watts providing a significant increase in power-saving efficiency. With a 3600° Kelvin temperature and low heat generation, the Planar G-4 LED is desirable for architectural use. In addition to architectural lighting, common uses of the Z-G4-WW include marine, RV, landscape and gaming applications. JKL also offers two compatible G-4 sockets – p/n 2993-G5 & 2993-G6 – and two other products in the G-4 LED product family – the Z-G4-15WW and Z-G4-WW.

Established 1972, JKL Components Corporation offers quality lighting solutions utilizing a wide variety of lighting technologies including LED, incandescent, fluorescent, ultraviolet and gas-filled lighting. JKL is registered ISO-9001. For additional information, please contact Jeremy Elder, Product Development Manager, JKL Components Corporation, 13343 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA 91331. Telephone (818) 896-0019. Email .