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Optical Tracking System targets vehicle design centers.

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Press Release Summary:

April 25, 2014 - By determining absolute position of machines in working space, 3D Arena enables designers to work flexibly with mobile machines which can be moved around in working station without problems. Up to 15 MoveInspect cameras are mounted on frame above working space and cover measuring field of about 6 x 9 m. Camera system captures position of mobile milling machine, white light scanner, or other tool/instrument, and continuously determines its position in working space in reference to vehicle model.

AICON 3D Systems GmbH

Biberweg 30C, D - 38114 Braunschweig, Germany

Original Press Release

NEW! 3D Arena - Optical Tracking Technology for Design Centers

Press release date: April 24, 2014

Braunschweig,¬†– AICON’s new 3D Arena will facilitate vehicle designers’ work in the future. The new tracking system enables them to determine the absolute position of machines in working space, i.e. processing machines such as mobile milling machines or measuring devices such as white light scanners. The designers can thus work flexibly with mobile machines which can be moved around in the working station without problems.

If the machines are not needed in the meantime, the designer enjoys an entirely undisturbed look at the model. It can be viewed and processed from different angles without impeding stationary milling or measuring machines.

And this is how it works: Up to 15 MoveInspect cameras are mounted on a frame above the working space and thus outside the designer’s focus (e.g. ceiling-mounted). They cover a measuring field of about 6 x 9 meters. Depending on the task, the number of cameras and thus the size of the measuring field can be customized. The camera system captures the position of a mobile milling machine, a white light scanner or another tool or instrument. It continuously determines its position in working space in reference to the vehicle model. If the machine is put aside and brought back after a break, the tracking system recognizes it and sets up the processing program according to the coordinates. The machine can immediately continue working without problems.

For AICON’s managing director Carl-Thomas Schneider, 3D Arena is a major step forward regarding workflow:
“The classic design center with stationary milling machines and horizontal arm measuring machines faces strong competition: our 3D Arena which offers the vehicle designers total freedom of movement. Their work gets free, flexible and thus faster and more effective.”

For 3D Arena, the breuckmann naviSCAN is especially suitable. With its up-to-date design, the white light scanner is perfectly adapted to 3D Arena and can be tracked at the highest level of accuracy. The all-in-one solution for innovative tracking technology!

About AICON and Breuckmann:
AICON 3D Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of optical camera-based 3D measuring systems. The company, founded in 1990, develops and distributes systems for the business areas of inspection and testing including car safety and tube inspection. Since the acquisition of Breuckmann GmbH in August 2012, the product range also includes scanners for 3D measurement of complex geometries. AICON's reference list boasts renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers, companies from the aerospace industry, and the areas of shipbuilding and renewable energies. Its latest products for automated test and process control open new worldwide market fields and obtain outstanding growth. For more information please visit |

AICON Press Contact:
AICON 3D Systems GmbH
Regina Marszalkowski-Wulf
Biberweg 30 C
D - 38114 Braunschweig
Tel.: +49 (0)531 58 000 564
Fax: +49 (0)531 58 000 60

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