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Link Motion Presses have S-frame design for rigidity.

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Press Release Summary:

August 25, 2005 - Single-point unitized frame straightside machines are offered in 3 models with capacities from 110-200 metric tons. Suited for those who need to run close-tolerance progressive dies, stamping presses feature 2-stage planetary gear transmission and link motion with 45% slide velocity slowdown during working portion of stroke. S-frame utilizes one-piece frame side plates with reinforcements, providing zero angular deflection under loads up to max press capacity.

Minster Machine Co., The

240 West 5th St., Minster, OH, 45865, USA

Original Press Release

Amada Introduces New "S-Frame" Link Motion Presses

Press release date: August 17, 2005

MINSTER, OH ~~ Amada America, Inc. has announced the availability of their new "S-frame" option for three models of single point gap link motion stamping presses in capacities from 110 to 200 metric tons.

Amada Presses are distributed and serviced exclusively in North America by The Minster Machine Company.

The "S-frame" has been designed specifically in response to demands from stampers who expressed the need to run close-tolerance progressive dies, but who require more rigidity than that afforded in a traditional "C-frame" gap presses.

The "S-frame" utilizes one-piece frame side plates with special reinforcements to provide zero angular deflection under loads up to maximum press capacity. In comparisons made between 200-ton "S-frame" and 200-ton standard Amada "C" frame gap press, the "S-frame" reduces bed deflection by up to 35 percent compared to standard Amada "C-frame" presses. In addition, vertical stretch between the slide face and bolster by up to 30 percent. Front-to-back and left-to-right off center loading characteristics are also improved by up to 40 percent.

In conjunction with Amada's exclusive high-energy two-stage planetary gear transmission and link motion with 45 percent slide velocity slowdown during the working portion of the stroke, the new "S-frame" machines offer stampers the performance and accuracy of a single point unitized frame straightside machine.

Benefits provided by "S-frame" machines include: Increased part accuracy, longer tooling life, higher production speeds, and reductions in punch breakthrough, reverse tonnage, operating noise and vibration. All presses are built to exceed JIS Class 1 accuracy standards.

The "S-frame" presses are equipped with Amada's new color touch screen-equipped press control to provide simple operation and easy integration with auxiliary equipment used in coil-fed progressive die stamping.

For additional information contact your Minster representative or Minster direct at or 419-628-2331.

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