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Lighting Control System promotes energy conservation.

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Press Release Summary:

January 15, 2013 - Compatible with LED and fluorescent technology, plug-and-play HorseSense™ system installs into existing fixtures in individual rooms and does not require any commissioning; drivers/ballasts are factory-addressed. Energy conservation opportunities are possible┬ávia occupancy sensing, dimming, and multi-scene control. Addition HorseSense controller, software, and commissioning enables┬álarger areas can be controlled, such as floors, non-adjacent rooms on floors, or entire multi-floor building.

Fulham Worldwide

12705 S. Van Ness Ave., Hawthorne, CA, 90250, USA

Original Press Release

Fulham's Controllable Lighting Solution Expands to Include Floors, Buildings

Press release date: January 14, 2013

Fulham's HorseSense™ brand plug-n-play Lighting Control System for LED and fluorescent technology installs easily into existing fixtures in individual rooms through use of just a handful of components and no commissioning. (Drivers/ballasts are factory-addressed.) This offers energy-saving opportunities using occupancy sensing, dimming and multi-scene control. With the addition of a HorseSense™ controller, software and commissioning, larger areas can be controlled, such as floors, non-adjacent rooms on floors, or an entire multi-floor building. The controllers and software offer useful added functionality, e.g. scheduling, daylighting, real-time energy monitoring, building-wide control and building system integration. Bottom line is that Fulham's HorseSense™ solution can help you reduce up to 70% of your energy consumption, thus offering rapid payback and cost savings.

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