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Hydraulic Grips offer open-front design, side-load dampening.

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Press Release Summary:

January 21, 2013 - Designed to enhance gripping performance, usability, and operator safety, hydraulic side-action grips with DuraSync technology are field-serviceable and can be used in high-capacity metals testing. DuraSync technology consists of mechanical synchronizer located outside gripping pocket, which prevents mechanical failure due to contamination. Adjustable clamping force alleviates specimen slippage and grip breaks, and opposing jaw faces repeatedly self-center during specimen clamping.


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Original Press Release

New Durasync Technology in Grips

Press release date: January 16, 2013

InstronĀ®, a leading provider of testing equipment solutions designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, introduces new hydraulic side-action grips with DuraSync technology that provides an ideal solution for high-capacity metals testing, while delivering enhanced gripping performance, usability, and operator safety.

The DuraSync technology is a self-centering mechanical synchronizer (patent pending) that provides improvements over hydraulic or mechanical rack and pinion designs that are commonly found in the marketplace.

• Adjustable clamping force alleviates specimen slippage and grip breaks
• Side-load dampening reduces the risk of grip damage when testing slightly bent or irregularly shaped specimens such as rebar or wire rod
• Opposing jaw faces repeatedly self-center during specimen clamping reducing testing time and eliminating the need to resynchronize the grip faces between tests
• The synchronizer is located outside the gripping pocket preventing mechanical failure due to contamination

The grips have an open-front design that provides easy specimen insertion, which increases testing efficiency and safety. Additionally, the jaw faces are easily installed from the front side of grips and require no maintenance beyond simple cleaning. Lastly, the grips are field-serviceable reducing down time and eliminating the cost of sending the grips back to the factory for service

About InstronĀ®
Instron is a leading provider of test equipment for the material and structural testing markets. A global company providing single-source convenience, Instron manufactures and services products used to test the mechanical properties and performances of various materials, components and structures in a wide array of environments.

Instron systems evaluate materials ranging from the most fragile filament to advanced high-strength alloys, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for all their research, quality and service-life testing requirements. Additionally, Instron offers a broad range of service capabilities, including assistance with laboratory management, calibration expertise and customer training.

For more information, contact Instron, 825 University Ave, Norwood, MA 02062, USA. Toll-free: 1-800-564-8378; Fax: 1-781-575-5725; Email: or visit our website at

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