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Belt-Driven Accumulating Conveyor requires minimal maintenance.

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Press Release Summary:

May 9, 2013 - As alternative to chain-roller conveyor, 25-PVE24EZ Poly-V does not require frequent lubrication and provides maintenance-free solution for roller to roller interface. Tread rollers in each zone are driven by 24 VDC motor/reducer, and formed steel guards totally enclose drive belts to ensure safer work areas. Ez-logic® Accumulation system combines sensing accuracy of photo-electronics with discrete electronic logic control. Loading zone feature and sleep functionality are also standard.

Curlin, Inc.

6001 E. Columbus Dr., Tampa, FL, 33619, USA

Original Press Release

Curlin Introduces the Quieter 25-PVE24EZ Poly-V Belt Driven Accumulating Conveyor Requiring Less Maintenance

Press release date: May 8, 2013

Tampa, Florida.  Curlin is proud to introduce the new quiet, high capacity, Poly-V EZ-Logic® Accumulating belt driven conveyor from Hytrol.

Requiring less maintenance the Poly-V conveyor is a quieter alternative to the chain-roller conveyor.  The Poly-V conveyor does not require  the frequent lubrication that a chain conveyor needs  providing  a maintenance free solution for the roller to roller interface.  A  24 VDC motor/reducer quietly drives the tread rollers in each zone.  Formed steel guards totally enclose the drive belts ensuring safer work areas.

Hytrol’s Ez-logic® Accumulation system combines the sensing accuracy of photo-electronics with a discrete electronic logic control with a vast set of beneficial features including sleep functionality.

When no product is present after a specified time, the sleep feature stops the tread rollers from turning.  This reduces noise, energy consumption and extends the conveyor  life.

A loading zone feature detects when a load is being placed onto the conveyor and automatically delays the upstream load for a pre-set time.  The same feature is in place for unloading as well.  Important features when routinely adding or removing loads with a lift truck.

Poly-V has lower guards for ease in loading products,  closer roller centers  and can be used in freezer applications as well.

For a list of standard and optional equipment for the Poly-V please call us at 877-643-4968 or visit us at

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