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Assembly Machine joins 100 picture frames per hour.

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Press Release Summary:

January 30, 2003 - PILM Jumbo Joint Manual EC combines double vertical hold down clamps with nailing head and can be used with any type of moulding up to 4 ¾ in. wide. Joystick allows operator to position nailing head under moulding without moving frame. Machine operates on air and requires minimum of 120 psi. It measures 14 x 18 x 28 in. and uses variety of staples, including 4, 7, 10, 12, and 15 mm standard or double sharp sizes.

Original Press Release

New Frame Assembly Product for Accurate Framing Applications

Press release date: January 1, 2003

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina---PAM Fastening Technology has introduced a new frame assembly machine for accurate, cost effective picture frame joining applications.

The PILM Jumbo Joint Manual EC from PAM Fastening Technology combines the reliability of double vertical hold down clamps and versatile nailing head to ensure a high quality joint comparable to more expensive, computerized joining machines. The new Jumbo Joint Manual EC can be used with any type of moulding to make a picture frame.

Specifically designed for the small-to-medium size custom framer, the Manual EC has a double vertical clamping feature that tightly secures the moulding during the fastening process. The Jumbo Joint Manual EC uses a joystick that allows the operator to position the nailing head under the moulding without moving the frame.

A wide variety of staples are available for soft and hard wood. For larger frames, stacking one nail on top of the other is possible up to 5 nails per position.

No electric power is required. This machine operates on air; requiring an air compressor that has a minimum of 120 psi.

With options such as a tilting stand, side tables and adjustable fences, the PILM Jumbo Joint Manual EC provides a turnkey solution for low volume markets. The small footprint ensures the Manual EC can be used in a variety of framers.

Technical Specifications The PILM Jumbo Joint is 14" wide x 18" high x 28" deep. It is capable of joining moulding as wide as 4 3/4". A wide variety of staples can be used including 4, 7, 10, 12 and 15 mm standard or double sharp sizes. The EC is capable of joining 100 frames per hour.

About PAM Fastening PAM Fastening is a leader in frame assembly technologies with corporate and research offices located in Charlotte, NC and Bremen, Germany. The company has a broad line of frame assembly equipment and accessories. PAM also manufactures hot melt products for industrial applications, as well as autofeed screw systems for the building industry. For more information, contact PAM Fastening at 2120 Gateway Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28208, telephone: 704-394-3141, fax: 704-394-9339, email: The company's corporate website address is

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