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Air Filter features self-cleaning design.

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Press Release Summary:

August 18, 2011 - Providing 172 ft² of surface area, CDF-7 CompactDrum Filter is equipped with 8 filter drums based on inside loaded filtration technology. Rotating suction nozzles provide vacuum to clean inside of drums. Filter housing needs no manual cleaning or floor sweeping and filter can even be operated without filter housing or enclosure. To remove larger particles from air before entering fine filter, pre-filter disc can be added.

LTG Incorporated

PO Box 2889, Spartanburg, SC, 29304, USA

Original Press Release

New LTG CompactDrum Filter Type CDF-8

Press release date: August 16, 2011

LTG, a worldwide supplier of filtration and waste handling equipment for the Nonwovens and the textile industry, added another model to the LTG CompactDrum filter series. The CDF-8 with 172 square feet of filter surface is the newest addition to this successful line of process air filtration and dust collection equipment. It uses the same floor space as the CDF-4 unit, but has 60% more filter surface. This means it can filter 60% more air using the same floor space, which leaves a lot more room for production equipment. It is a self-cleaning filter with 8 filter drums, based on LTG's successful inside loaded filtration technology. Rotating suction nozzles provide a vacuum to clean the inside of the drums. Since the dirty air goes directly to the inside of the drums, all the particles stay inside the filter drums itself. The filter house needs no manual cleaning or floor sweeping and the filter can even be operated without a filter house or enclosure. High filtration efficiency allows for the clean air to be returned to the production area.

As it is the case with all filter manufactured by LTG, a pre-filter disc can be added to remove larger particles from the air, before entering the fine filter.

Some of the many advantages of the CDF technology are:
- less floor space required compared to older filtration technologies.
- quick and easy filter media replacement with, snap-on technology.
- it can be easily adapted to match different air volumes.
- the filter can be shipped completely assembled and factory tested.
- all drive elements on the clean air side.

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