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VersaCup Still Unmatched: Ink Cups That Fit Virtually any Pad Printer

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VersaCup Still Unmatched: Ink Cups That Fit Virtually any Pad Printer

Press release date: September 17, 2007

VersaCup (Patent # US 6,626,100 B2) is a magnetic ink cup that can be utilized on nearly every sealed cup pad printing machine. It suits pad printers from Inkcups Now, Autoroll, Comec, Imtran, Kent, Pad Print Machinery, Tampoprint, Teca, Trans Tech, Tosh etc. and is a practical alternative to expensive dedicated ink cups. Since its invention by Inkcups Now engineers, VersaCup remains an unmatched product commented to reduce inventory costs, simplify changeovers and improve productivity. VersaCup is coupled with high quality two-sided ceramic doctoring rings. Our ceramic rings are 100% interchangeable with ink cups that come with Autoroll, Pad Print Machinery, Comec, Imtran, Tosh, Reisch, Wutung and other pad printing machines. Ceramic rings are made of an extremely hard and chip-resistant zirconia-based ceramic. They exhibit superior wear resistance and extra long life. The benefits of VersaCup ink cups and ceramic rings: o One ink cup style works on entire product line o Lower costs for both ink cups and ceramic rings o Low-profile design prolongs ink life and reduces ink waste o "Encapsulated" magnets reduce time for ink changeover and eliminate plate damage from loose or flaking magnets o Two sided ceramic rings have double the life of single sided rings o Damaged ceramic rings can be easily removed, flipped over or quickly replaced on site o Ceramic rings are more robust than brittle steel rings and are less prone to damage o Ceramic rings extend polymer plate life Inkcups Now Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of pad printing and screen printing supplies and equipment, computer to plate laser engravers, inkjet printers for three-dimensional products. It was founded by innovators who over the last twenty years developed and patented many improvements in the pad and screen printing fields. Inkcups Now is committed to supplying traditional and innovative products at competitive prices and providing excellent technical support. Our consumables are manufactured in-house, enabling rapid turnaround and thorough quality control. Offices are located in the U.S. (MA, CA, GA, RI) and Canada. For more information, please visit especially the page on ink cups and ceramic rings Inkcups Now Corp. 20 Locust St., Danvers, MA 01923 1-978-646-8980 Technical contact: Mike Bissel Director of Sales Press contact: Maria Savelyeva Marketing Specialist


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