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TMHE's Forklift Services Meet the High Demands of Customer Store Norske

Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc. - Irvine, CA

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TMHE's Forklift Services Meet the High Demands of Customer Store Norske

Press release date: October 26, 2012

Store Norske in Svalbard, Norway, is the world's northernmost mining community, producing up to four million tonnes of coal a year and catering to over 400 employees who live at the facility for a week at a time. The company uses a fleet of forklift trucks from Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) in order to provide its staff with everything they need to live. Located within the Arctic Circle, Store Norske is completely isolated, presenting an immediate challenge in terms of access - a challenge that TMHE was more than prepared to rise to. "There is no way of getting here by road," says Pernille Bruland, Logistics Centre employee, "We have to use snowmobile or plane. Because of the weather we sometimes cannot travel at all, which is why our supply facility is critical to our operation." "Although we seem to have all the space in the world up here by the North Pole, we are limited to how much we can build, which is why we have a storage area with high level racking. We have to work like a small town." Store Norske uses a fleet of TMHE trucks including a Toyota counterbalanced truck and two BT Reflex reach forklifts. It is important that these forklifts receive regular maintenance, as well as any emergency servicing and repairs that need to be carried out. TMHE is able to supply this service in spite of the freezing operating conditions and challenges presented by the facility's location. "We have to take care of the trucks for Store Norske. It's quite a simple application but it has to be completely secure. We normally work with two service visits each year and with telephone support if it's needed. They use the BT Reflex reach truck in the main storage area and Toyota counterbalanced trucks outside. Of course, if there is a serious problem we will come and fix it. It is so important to keep the trucks working," explains Arne Eivik of TMH Norway, "They are standard trucks and although the temperature is way below freezing outside, we can operate normally without any problem." "The total value of the items held in our store is over 300 million krone. It's good to know that the trucks that we depend on are being taken care of," concludes Pernille Bruland. TMHE's commitment to delivering high quality forklift service solutions allows them to meet the toughest challenges, whether servicing forklifts at the northernmost mine on Earth, or maintaining trucks in exceptionally corrosive conditions. No matter the location, condition or environment, TMHE can provide top quality material handling solutions.


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