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TITAN® Delivers Versatility to USA and Mexico

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TITAN® Delivers Versatility to USA and Mexico

Press release date: October 18, 2012

CHERRY VALLEY, IL - Ipsen has shipped three 2-bar TITAN® furnaces, all with typical configurations, to customers located in the U.S. and Mexico. Though in different industries, medical components, commercial heat treating and full-service precision, these TITAN models are able to accommodate each of their heat treating needs. Ipsen's TITAN offers all the options customers need for conventional heat-treat processes. These processes are performed quickly, easily and uniformly at peak efficiency - all a part of the TITAN experience. While the design of a TITAN is compact, its work zone versatility allows it to be loaded in a variety of ways as the hexagonal heating chamber is available in both vertical and horizontal. With its space-saving design paired with such versatility, TITAN furnaces provide a cost advantage and are still able to satisfy the requirements of any industry by providing thermal processing reliability and uniformity required for creating parts that hold up against high-stress applications offering a long service life. The standard options available for TITAN increase its capabilities: the loader offers faster and more efficient manual loading and unloading for loads up to 3,000 lbs (1,360 kg); the high vacuum system includes a diffusion pump that can produce lower vacuum ranges; the fast-cooling water system has a closed circuit with a high throughput of gallons per minute, and contains a reserve tank and heat exchanger; and the VacuProf® Expert control system to maximize operator controls and efficiency, much like having your very own metallurgist. Additional options include all-metal hot zone, Hydrogen Partial Pressure system, Network Connectivity Package, VFD for enhanced cooling, VPN router for remote diagnostics, Operator Access Platform (vertical only) and uniformity fixture. With its flexible uses and its adaptability to customers' needs and budgets, TITAN is the smart choice for even the most unique thermal processing projects. About Ipsen, Inc.
Ipsen, Inc. designs and manufactures thermal processing systems for a wide variety of markets, including Aerospace, Medical, Energy, Chemical and Automotive. With thousands of installed systems worldwide, whether it's innovative titanium knee implants, making cars more efficient, developing new jet engines or going to the moon, Ipsen delivers quality. For more information, visit Contact:
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