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The Electric Vehicle (EV) Overmold Cable Solutions

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The Electric Vehicle (EV) Overmold Cable Solutions

Press release date: June 22, 2012

The rapidly growing "Green" theme has made its way into the automotive arena with such innovations as Hybrids and EV's. What has brought this transition from gas guzzling SUV's to more economical modes of transportation? Several factors such as rising fuel costs, a poor global economy and tax incentives. Among these reasons the industry is starting to introduce more consumer appealing models that are further intriguing potential buyers. Amid this innovation and change is ISC Engineering located in Chino, CA. ISC Engineering has developed overmold solutions for industry leading companies for commercial and personal use. Their expertise in the tooling, overmold and cable assembly business has allowed them to be well positioned in this evolving niche of EV chargers. ISC's expertise in custom projects has made them a key contract manufacturer to design new and redesign existing EV applications in the market. ISC is vertically integrated and provides turnkey solutions for the design, development and creation of these projects. ISC's facility is equipped with 3-D printing for rapid prototyping, 5 HAAS CNC's and 12 semi-custom injection molding machines.


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