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TASKMASTER7 TM1600 Versatile Heavy Solids Shredder

DELUMPER Div., Franklin Miller Inc. - Livingston, NJ

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TASKMASTER7 TM1600 Versatile Heavy Solids Shredder

Press release date: January 28, 2013

The TASKMASTER® TM1600 is a powerful twin-shaft shredder that reduces a wide variety of tough solids. Typical applications include containers, plastics, packaging, wood, paper, documents, electronic components, concession waste, rejects and returns, sewage screenings, in-channel raw sewage, and more. Bulk volume is reduced up to 80%, significantly eliminating storage or disposal costs and aiding in the safe disposal of sensitive and substandard material. The TASKMASTER Shredder employs two counter-rotating banks of cutters that intermesh at close clearance to aggressively chop and shear solids down to small particles. The unit=s low-speed, high-torque mechanism operates with little noise or vibration. The TM1600 is ruggedly constructed and designed for minimal maintenance and trouble free service. The cutters are precision manufactured to provide optimal high shear shredding and long life. A controller senses jam conditions and automatically reverses. The TASKMASTER TM1600 can be installed horizontally with a stand, hopper or flange adapter or vertically for pipeline and liquid channel installation. A space-saving right angle gear drive can be provided. The shredder can be supplied as a standalone unit or as part of a complete shredding and conveying system. For more information:
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