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SUSS MicroTec Delivers 25th Mask TrackPro

Press release date: January 15, 2014

Garching - SUSS MicroTec, a global supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, has delivered its 25th Mask TrackPro System - the newest generation tool - to a leading Asian IDM at the end of 2013. This tool is a cleaning equipment for frontend photomasks in the semiconductor industry. The customer started the installation of this tool in December 2013 and will use it for cleaning and maintenance of optical masks for 193i Lithography in its new factory in China.

In the semiconductor industry, no other company has a comparable track record and as many installed systems. SUSS MicroTec is the leading provider for photomask cleaning equipment for the conventional 193i Lithography and the newly developed EUV Lithography.

'In the semiconductor industry, the photomask is an important part of the frontend-infrastructure. At any given time the mask must be 100% perfect, otherwise any defect on the mask would replicate on every processed wafer.', says Frank P. Averdung, President and CEO of SUSS MicroTec. 'We have set the standards with our know-how and our photomask cleaning tools in 193nm Immersion-Lithography and the upcoming EUV Lithography.'

About SUSS MicroTec
SUSS MicroTec is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for microstructuring in the semiconductor industry and related markets. In close cooperation with research institutes and industry partners SUSS MicroTec contributes to the advancement of next-generation technologies such as 3D Integration and nanoimprint lithography as well as key processes for MEMS and LED manufacturing. With a global infrastructure for applications and service SUSS MicroTec supports more than 8.000 installed systems worldwide. SUSS MicroTec is headquartered in Garching near Munich, Germany. For more information, please visit

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