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Spirax Sarco Wins 2013 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award

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Spirax Sarco Wins 2013 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award

Press release date: April 8, 2014

The MTI10 Insertion/MTL10 Inline Mass Thermal Flowmeter for measurement of gases and air has been selected as a winner in the 2013 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Contest with a Bronze award in the Fluid Handling category.  This product was selected from among this year’s entries as one of the most outstanding new products of 2013.  Now in its 26th year, Product of the Year is a premium honor for new products innovations that make manufacturing plants run smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Spirax Sarco first introduced the MTI10 Insertion/MTL10 Inline Mass Thermal Flowmeter in July 2013.  This instrument provides accurate measurement of clean, dry gases and air using constant temperature sensing for fast response and low flow accuracy.

This flowmeter is designed to measure the mass flow of gases and air without the need for additional transmitters or flow computers, and is virtually immune to changes in temperature and pressure over a wide flow range.

The MTI10/MTL10 View software allows for quick setup, monitoring and data logging of the flowmeter using a PC.  The Cal-V and Recalibration Verification allows users to perform in-situ testing of the meter’s accuracy by testing the functionality of the sensor and the processing circuitry.

The benefits of this instrument include:
• Calibrated in actual gas to ensure accuracy over the entire flow range
• High power for quick response and wide turndown
• Constant temperature sensing for low flow accuracy
• In-situ testing of sensor and circuitry, factory recalibration is not required
• MTI10/MTL10 View software allows for easy update, monitoring and data logging from a PC

This is the 25th year Plant Engineering has offered the Product of the Year contest for the best new products that improve productivity and safety in manufacturing operations.  Each subscriber receives an electronic ballot via email with all of the year’s new product finalists.  The voter chooses which new product he/she thinks will most help their operation and the ballot is submitted for tabulation.  Plant Engineering will announce the winner of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze award in the April 2013 edition of the magazine available in both print and online.

About Spirax Sarco, Inc.
Spirax Sarco is the world leader in steam system management. The Company provides a broad range of fluid control products, engineered packages, systems expertise and site services for its diverse range of over 100,000 industrial and institutional customers. The Company helps its customers to optimize production capacity, reduce energy costs and emissions, improve product quality and enhance the safety of their operations. Spirax Sarco has strategically located manufacturing plants around the world and employs approximately 4,700 people, of whom around 1,300 are direct sales and service engineers. Further information can be found at


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