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Simple Monitoring Solution for Wine Production and Storage

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Simple Monitoring Solution for Wine Production and Storage

Press release date: March 27, 2012

T&D log-EZ Manages Temperature and Humidity in Wine Cellars CHESTERLAND OH - Producing and storing wine for commercial labels and in residences has very environmentally-sensitive requirements, and keeping a close eye on surrounding conditions is a necessity to avoid entire kegs and bottles becoming too warm or the bottles spoiling from wet or rotting cork. Now CAS DataLoggers and Japan's #1 datalogging manufacturer T&D are proud to offer customers the new log-EZ Wireless Thermo Recorder as a low-cost solution for managing ambient temperature and humidity in wine cellars and production areas such as fermentation vats. The log-EZ is designed as a user-friendly and compact thermo recorder to keep customers informed of sudden changes in wine temperature and humidity during both the production and storage phases, as well as helping to preserve cork supplies for a superior product. The T&D log-EZ records ambient temperature in cellars and processing areas within a 0° to 50° Celsius (32° to 122° Fahrenheit) range and also monitors the surrounding ambient humidity level at a 15% to 90% RH range. The data logger gives users a clear display of its current parameters and easily connects with a PC to display a continually-updated graph of the data along with the daily high and low values. The datalogger can also be quickly configured to automatically download all captured data to a remote PC in a home or business office at any given time of day. The log-EZ is also low-maintenance-using just one AA alkaline battery powers the logger for about six months of activation. Recording capacity is maximized to 1,440 readings or about 10 full days of readings at 10-minute recording intervals. The log-EZ's no-hassle, lightweight design combines affordability with accessibility in a novel new size, making it ideal for use in confined areas and residences. Adding to its ease of use, the data logger's wireless communication makes data transmission quick and simple with no need for cables or for gathering the log-EZ units to collect their data. Wireless communication extends to 160 ft when unobstructed, and this communication range can be further extended by simply using the log-EZ as a Repeater-users can daisy chain up to 16 units in this way. Using a single computer, customers can easily manage all the data over a sizeable storage cellar or fermentation area by using multiple log-EZ units placed in distant areas, ensuring a safer private stock or a more viable commercial product. For further information on the T&D log-EZ, additional temperature recorders from T&D, or to find the ideal data logger for your specific application, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information:
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